Monday, January 04, 2010

i want your love i don't wanna be friends

Wolfie and I just got called Mary Sues off the deep end. I consider this a great win.


ToMigeWithLove (2:59:18 PM): Give me a random fear that would be caused in your childhood. xD
snohshine (2:59:33 PM): Afraid of dogs?
snohshine (2:59:36 PM): BEES
snohshine (2:59:37 PM): BEES
snohshine (2:59:39 PM): PICK BEES
ToMigeWithLove (2:59:49 PM): ...xDDDD
ToMigeWithLove (2:59:54 PM): best. scene. ever.
ToMigeWithLove (3:00:42 PM): Childhood:

Skylar: :]]]] *skipping along through flowers being his faggoty little self* o.O oh look, a bee!
Bee: *flies into the window of some gas-truck*
**world explodes**
Skylar: .....33338
snohshine (3:00:56 PM): YES
snohshine (3:00:57 PM): YES
snohshine (3:00:59 PM): YES
ToMigeWithLove (3:01:03 PM): Present day:

Skylar: *writing* :]]]
Bee: *on notebook*
snohshine (3:01:09 PM): PLEASE DO 8DDD
ToMigeWithLove (3:01:16 PM): xDDD I'm not gonna be able to make this serious.
ToMigeWithLove (3:01:22 PM): It started off so promising, too.
ToMigeWithLove (3:02:02 PM): "It was irrational, he knew that. Though, when a fear has been engrained into your mind via childhood experiences, they're very often irrational yet completely unchangeable."
snohshine (3:02:33 PM): 8D
ToMigeWithLove (3:03:07 PM): "Even at the realization of this, and the knowledge that what had happened had very slim chances of every happening again, the sight of that damn bee terrified him. Flashes of the gas tanker, the fire, the screams, everything tore through his mind and stung just as badly as it had when it first happened. All because of that damn bee, sitting there on his notebook now."
ToMigeWithLove (3:03:09 PM): xDD I can't do this.
snohshine (3:03:27 PM): XDDD But you haaaave to!
snohshine (3:03:29 PM): For the lulz!