Thursday, March 31, 2011

Story Page Updates!

I finally got around to updating some of the story pages on this site, and made the RMWJ page public! Naturally, there's not a lot on this page, although I did put in information about Ree and Scott.

I also got around to adding characters to The Rook page, a plot summary to The Ram page (the link is located on The Rook series page!), and tweaking a couple small things on the WHIPLASH! and Pedestal pages. Damn it feels good to be productive.

I've also made it so comments can be left on story pages! Up next: possibly an 'about the author' page, or perhaps a page with links to drabbles/oneshots? Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RMWJ Opening Teaser

“Fuck you!”
Enter Ree Adelaide Majors, trainer of exactly forty-seven minutes, brand new owner of a snivy, lover of foul language, possessor of delusions of grandeur, and general ass.
Enter Mister Snivy Whiplash, her somewhat imaginatively named starter. She would swear up and down she thought he looked like the villain from her favorite old cartoon. He simply went with it because it made him feel fanciful.
These are the creations of a twisted world, fighting against time and fate and that very same world to achieve eight shiny, senseless little gems. Their goal is not unique, and is in fact shared by most of the training population of Unova—those bright-eyed, idealistic young children, the future of the region. What sets these characters apart is their journey, their strenuous, teary, joyful, heavy, lighthearted, and fantastic journey. It will have ups, it will have downs, it will shed blood, it will shed tears, and very possibly, it will touch your heart.
So, submitted for your consideration, this is

Ree Majors' Wonderful Journey

Why yes, I do want to have Rod Serling's children, why do you ask?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Tale Of Excitement

I sometimes forget what people tell me to do or not do because my mouth, salivating and unruly, thinks for me. So I did what I was not supposed to do. I ate the last bit of food. And when I finished the little morsels left on my hands and mouth burned into my skin to render me shamed forever.

"Why do the birds obey you while they only answer stupidly to my calls?" he asked.

"Sugar and spice," the old woman beckoned as she held out palms filled with cinnamon falling between her fingers like sand. As she sprinkled it across the floor my head swum up in a dizzy spell of hunger. I could no longer control my feet moving towards the cheap gimmicks of an old woman.

The girl knelt down at my feet, pressing her furry costume against my skin. "Please help me," she said, and kissed one foot. She kissed the other. And when I looked down I found both the leather-bottomed shoes gone and bare toes remaining. They froze in the mountain wind. At my feet a white wolf with childlike eyes stared up at me, grinned, and ran off with two shoes in her jaws.

After I took the needle from its place, I pryed my father's bones from the floor and put them in my satchel.

As I approached the top of the mountain a white spectacle blinded me for an instant. When I blinked again I saw a white dragon shifting over the mountain like a layer of foam riding ocean waves. I could tell by its movement that it was a territorial creature; I could tell that it would fight me before allowing me to press further.

I watched as the folds of his skin began to swallow him alive under the sadness of defeat.

My feet, wearing their newfound bottomed shoes, pressed gently across the soils as not to wake the men clamoring upwards. But I still felt a shadow trail at my footsteps that did not feel like my own. As I walked faster the shadow moved behind me as well, sometimes touching my bare skin with sodden ground.

"As a child, my son could dance along the soil so quickly that the men who died and live in the ground could not catch him. Prove this to me now,"

Mother licked her fingers and placed them to my face, wiping the thick layer of dirt away. Then I truly began to look like my father's son, in form, face, and color.

(take from here~)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So I've been entertaining the idea of doing a sort of Mark Reads thing, but with fanfiction. (There's nothing like that of repute on the internet, is there? IF SO WHERE.)

I mean, the tricky thing would be finding quality finished fanfiction. Would I skip around in genres or just go with one? (I would probably stick with pokemon, then, it being my first and most knowledgeable.) How would I pick stories? Would anyone bother reading it? (it wouldn't go on this site, probably would make another. i like my writing angst too much to let it die.)

Oh well, just a thought. (lol all the 'great ones' of fanfiction! I actually haven't read that many pkmn ones lately (and completely missed out on ones like "The Sun Soul" and "Clouded Sky" due to general laziness and busy-ness), so I'd be new to most of them! The only one I WOULD want to do, though, that I've already read part of is "Regret", but I left reviews so I could use those for some of my initial reactions while rereading...)

Also I think I'll start using actual post titles! Too lazy to go back and change the others, though. Ha.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

i can't help but say that i love you that i love you

Ree's story is so hard to start! I'm having problems adjusting back to third-person writing. I'm never writing first-person again. ;A; Pedestal, you've ruined me forever.

The idea I'm currently fighting with (instead of studying for my big test tomorrow, but hey, at least I got my homework done) is a bit of an homage to Rod Serling. I love that man. Why no, Pedestal doesn't have enough references to him my other stories need more.

(For the uninformed, Rod Serling is the genius behind The Twilight Zone. The original.)

Edit: Also, updated my fish! Blue is for the nameless narrator of Pedestal, orange is for Nathan Loar of WHIPLASH!, purple for Ree of RWMJ stuff, red for all of the blood spilt (or my possible infatuation with redheads), and white for all of the dead. Because really guys, I go through characters like they're going out of style. And blood is ALWAYS fun.

I'm also - slowly - working on the pages and stuff for the stories. RMWJ has a page, too (just hidden for now), and it'll go up when the story itself has its first chapter released. I have a separate page for The Ram, too, but I'm still working on that one... Pedestal's pretty much done, though! :D AT LEAST I HAVE SOMETHING OKAY.