Thursday, March 17, 2011

i can't help but say that i love you that i love you

Ree's story is so hard to start! I'm having problems adjusting back to third-person writing. I'm never writing first-person again. ;A; Pedestal, you've ruined me forever.

The idea I'm currently fighting with (instead of studying for my big test tomorrow, but hey, at least I got my homework done) is a bit of an homage to Rod Serling. I love that man. Why no, Pedestal doesn't have enough references to him my other stories need more.

(For the uninformed, Rod Serling is the genius behind The Twilight Zone. The original.)

Edit: Also, updated my fish! Blue is for the nameless narrator of Pedestal, orange is for Nathan Loar of WHIPLASH!, purple for Ree of RWMJ stuff, red for all of the blood spilt (or my possible infatuation with redheads), and white for all of the dead. Because really guys, I go through characters like they're going out of style. And blood is ALWAYS fun.

I'm also - slowly - working on the pages and stuff for the stories. RMWJ has a page, too (just hidden for now), and it'll go up when the story itself has its first chapter released. I have a separate page for The Ram, too, but I'm still working on that one... Pedestal's pretty much done, though! :D AT LEAST I HAVE SOMETHING OKAY.

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