Friday, August 26, 2011

Site Updates and a Writing Challenge!

Quick note - I've shuffled around the site and updated some things, most notably the pages for the stories, updating them. Added cast info for The Ram, personality info for WHIPLASH!, small tweaks on Pedestal and RMWJ.

I've hit (another) block on The Ram, and last night, I ended up with a very creative, if failed, way at getting around that. My plot buddy and I were discussing it, and casually, I tossed you "YOU BE TUESDAY, I'LL BE STEPHEN". I had no idea what I was actually planning past that... but...

Basically, it culminated in us both getting dolled up like the characters as best we could. The catch? My plot buddy is male. He wore make-up, stuffed his shirt for boobage, and got prettyful. I only put on a sweater with a collar and tucked my hair back, but that's beside the point. We didn't actually get anything discussed or written with The Ram, and instead got sidetracked designing a Persona 4-themed dungeon and Shadow for me, which was also fun and productive. Just on a more personal level.

Challenge to all the writerlings out there: If you're aware of the Persona series, make a Shadow and a Persona for your character! This means you have to know them on a deep, psychological level, and prey viciously on their insecurities, flaws, and repressed feelings.

For all of those unaware of the series, here's a quick dictionary for you:

Shadow - Shadows are monster that, while initially looking like your character (only with golden eyes and a very mean expression, in addition to a voice from HELL), transform into a highly symbolic monster. Shadows are repressed feelings, almost always negative, and have to be accepted by the character in order to gain a Persona. If they are not accepted, they will attack again and again until they kill their host. Common themes amongst Shadows are: nakedness because of the desire to show it off, when in reality, they just want to be accepted and accepting of their bodies ; flamboyantly gay because of confused sexuality and the desire to be accepted by someone, ANYONE, and it just so happens that the same sex is a little easier ; dark and empty, lost, nihilistic and fatalistic, hating the world around them because everyone else is happy and they're not ; professing to using a friend because it makes you feel better, etc etc. Shadows aren't always humanoid in shape or appearance, and usually work off of one theme, such as "caged bird" or "fallen savior".
Protip: The Shadow always says, at some point or another, "I am a Shadow, the true self." Shadows are capable of thinking on their own. When their host denies them, almost always with a panicked "You're not me!", the Shadow can act on its own and that's when it chooses to attack.

Persona - Persona is the creature/power you gain from defeating and accepting the Shadow. It is more or less the magical weapon in the games, but it's also highly symbolic and much more positive than the Shadow is. It does follow along the same themes, usually, or other character themes, but almost always has some sort of callback to the Shadow design. Color tends to be easiest with that. A lot of Personas are also based on mythology from around the world. Most Personas have an elemental affinity - fire, ice, lightning, wind - and are usually on the physical/attacking side, or healing/support side. What kind of character do you have? What would your character's soul (basically) look like and attack like?
Protip: "I AM THOU THOU ART I" but no really. Personas are the lighter, evolved version of the Shadow. There are strong "soul" ties in, too; this could very well be your character's soul manifested. What would it look like? Or, at the very least, it is the facade used to overcome life's hardships or something like that.

I'm not sure I'll be able to do this. XD; This would require GREAT THOUGHT about your character. It'd be easier for stories with one obvious Main Character, rather than large casts with several main characters. Still, if anyone wants to tackle it, go for it! I'd love to hear about Shadow and Persona ideas. :D Maybe I will get around to making some, one day...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Is How You Don't Approach Deadlines

You know how I said I'd be totally mortified if I couldn't get The Ram done by the end of summer?


Getting dragged across the country (in more ways than one) didn't help the writing front, and neither did Pedestal drawing to a close. (Whoo boy, that ain't even done yet. Boy, do I have egg on my face.) But those are excuses! Basically, I've just been failtastic this summer. Kidlings, don't do this. This is bad. This makes people angry and impatient.

New deadline: I'm just gonna throw it down to the last possible minute and say by NaNoWriMo, The Ram will be completed. (Since I'm three chapters away from the end of Pedestal, I know for a fact that'll be out of the way...) It will ABSOLUTELY be done by the end of october. Otherwise I'm just gonna have to hit something, probably my face.

So good news - Pedestal's almost over, and that'll free up a lot of time. I do already have RMWJ in the works, but those'll have longer chapters, so I have an excuse to have a slower updating schedule. :D Then november will be for the last one in the trilogy! <3 I'm excited, even if I don't have all of the plot 100% worked out. But that's the fun part!

Anyway, skitty out! (I'm moving back to college next week, so yay! Routine again! And probably a job... I hope that doesn't impact the writing or homework too bad, damnit. Wish me luck guys!)