Friday, October 28, 2011

What Time Is It? NaNo Time!

Hey guys! I updated the site. In shades of red! JUST IN TIME FOR NANOWRIMO. (y'know, 'cause it's like blood and what better way to get a boosted wordcount than by killing characters)

You may also notice that I reworked the page layouts. All of the stories still have their own pages! They're just not on that top bar anymore. Otherwise, I would rapidly run out of room up there, and this way, people can easily ignore my fanfiction or original works (why would you do that) and pick and choose. No more luring in with fancy or intriguing titles.

So guys, who's excited for NaNoWriMo? I'm chillin' right over here and I'm using the month to finish The Ram and start on The Owl. Fun times! Right now, though, I'm struggling just to get one last chapter of RMWJ done before november, especially since I missed last week's update. Sigh. I'd also love to get a chapter of The Ram done before november, just so I can start a new document (I'm neurotic when it comes to such things) with the new chapter and wouldn't have to count like, half the words. Because that would just be silly. Good news is that it'll be a longer chapter, and we'll get past two very important plot points. Bad news is that Tuesday is misbehaving again. She knows what awaits her. Sigh again.

Though for all the uninformed, it's a good thing when your characters misbehave, trust me. It means they have enough life to know what they want, and those are the types of characters that are generally believable and not necessarily liked, but respected.

I'm not sure how much I'll really post during november, but if I do, it'll likely be little progress things. Nothing special. Come december/the new year, however, I'd like to start posting here more often again! And I'd like to do some actual, you know, blog posts. Not all just narcissistic stuff about me. I've been writing for a good many years now, despite my age, so I know a thing or two. Also, I'm getting a unique sort of degree and education that's quite suited for story writing! So I can offer some different perspectives. I know for sure I'd like to write up a couple posts on gender, main characters, tragic backstory, and psychological themes. Oh, and on worldbuilding and languages! Because I have made mistakes there, that's for sure. Learn from mine, young skittens, and do not repeat them.

So I'll see you guys whenever! Have a fun nanowrimo, all! ;3

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo Post The First + Mock Book Trailers

Hey guys! Well, less than half a month to go to NaNoWriMo. Fun times!

I've pretty much given up on getting The Ram completely finished by then, so I'm basically gonna get as much done as I can beforehand, and use some of my words to completely finish it up. And then I'll start the last in the trilogy with the rest of my words!

Since it was a couple years ago now, I bet y'all didn't know that I made a mock book trailer for The Rook! You can view it here. I'm not a master movie maker, but I'm rather proud of it, haha. Mock book trailers were very in that year.

I tried making one for The Ram, but it fell short. Just didn't happen. This year, however, I managed to scrape together one for the last in the trilogy! I'm not sure anyone's noticed, but I haven't actually said the last title in the trilogy yet. But since it's nanowrimo season, since it's coming closer, and since I have a trailer for it, may as well toss it out to the internet.

The last title in The Rook series is "The Owl"! And you can view its trailer here. I used the same song as The Rook's trailer, but with different parts, and sort of the same overall theme. Because it's what I do and I like matching things.

I'll still throw up an actual preparations post closer to november, but I thought I'd share those little things first. :> Though please, be aware of some minor spoilers, mostly by implication (and don't you dare pause that trailer during the words part! :c). That's also the reason why I kept the title under wraps. Because title characters are important.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Non-Marketing Ploy

I know I said I'd have the next post be a "part two" of sorts in the marketing thing, but I'm sorry! I haven't even started it and yeah.

I've finished Pedestal! It's been an incredibly long-running - well, okay, shush, two and a half years is a long time for someone my age - and well-loved fanfiction, and I'll miss it terribly. Except not yet, because I'm simply glad to be done with that beast of an epilogue. I like epilogues. They're neat. But not when they take a month to write.

On a hilarious and random note, fanfiction of a fanfiction - no, wait, fanfiction of two fanfictions! That's even better. There is a Pedestal (mine) / Regret (Crukix) crossover being written by another person. It has both of our blessings, and what I know of the plot, it's gonna be a fun ride. It's called Memento if you'd like to check it out.

I'm also working on finishing up The Ram. Don't you look at me with those judging eyes, I'm working as fast and as hard as I can!It's just slow. Not only do I have to get used to third person again, but an entirely different tone and cast. But on the upside, not a lot left of the story! Thank god.

I also started a short story fanfiction titled Engel der Wache. It's Adventure Time fanfiction detailing the Great Mushroom War, but mostly is set around how the Guardian Angel character came to be. Also, now with 20% more Lich and candy. You know you want to read it. (It's a short enough story that I'm not going to put a page for it on this site. That's donated to my bigger projects.)

Anyway, yeah. I'll do that other marketing post eventually! Probably once The Ram is finished, then I'll be all hyped to up do some marketin'! (read: not)

On a semi-related note: WHO'S READY FOR NANOWRIMO? :D Closer to november, I'll probably throw out a short post detailing my project for it. Last in The Rook series, woohoo!