Saturday, February 26, 2011

and even though she's dreaming she's unlocked the meaning

Here's some random and generally useless information! :D But fun.

Predicted Favorite Character To Write: Tyron or Ree (hopefully)
Actual Favorite Character To Write: n/a
Predicted Least Favorite To Write: Scott or Ororin
Actual Least Favorite To Write: n/a

Predicted Favorite Character To Write: NamNar, I think?
Actual Favorite Character To Write: it varies between NamNar, Kostya, Nick, Harlan...
Predicted Least Favorite To Write: I can't remember. Hanna?
Actual Least Favorite To Write: Benjamin, you little shit.

Predicted Favorite Character To Write: Sonya
Actual Favorite Character To Write: Sonya, Nathan, Maria, Lenore when she's angsty
Predicted Least Favorite To Write: Allen
Actual Least Favorite To Write: Lenore when she's pissy

The Rook series:
Predicted Favorite Character To Write: the Rook
Actual Favorite Character To Write: the Ram
Predicted Least Favorite To Write: I can't remember...
Actual Least Favorite To Write: Tuesday, the Rabbit, it varies

I'm mostly just still on a RMWJ hype, haha. Trying to push through the first chapter while knowing nothing about geography and few official names.

So here's some fun facts about RMWJ and its cast so far:
+I think the story starts in August, which means that Ree's birthday is in September.
+I will not be capitalizing 'pokemon' or the species names in this story.
+Maya is two years younger than Ree.
+I have entertained the thought that Mister Snivy Whiplash will be mute, but haven't decided either way.
+I'm not sure whether to rate this as T or M on
+Ree owns metallic purple lingerie.
+Scott likes singing and will call her to sing several times throughout the story.
+I haven't worked out a precise timeline yet, only faint concepts of who arrives when.
+Each chapter title will match; they will all be "Of _______". Some ideas that will probably be used: "Of Failed Tests", "Of Silver And Gold".
+Ree is my second tallest female character, behind Lenore (naturally).
+References to Pedestal - mostly through references to the state Sinnoh is in - will be made.
+Other characters so far include: Ty (Tyron), Perdido (alias), Maya, Scott, Unika, Marcella, Andy, Harry, Ororin, and probably more as I come up with them.
+This story will be written on a time limit, which I am not comfortable in it. Not in a time limit in real life, but in-story (which makes it worse); Ree decides to get all eight badges in under a year.
+Ree, unlike most trainers, will probably end up being very rich. She starts off fairly rich due to working in various ways since she was ten (mostly babysitting at first), and wins a lot of her battles through sheer ferocity.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i'm so lucky lucky i'm so lucky lucky i'm so lovely lovely

Woah, hey guys! Long time no post, I know. College does that sometimes (but only sometimes).

So I have a new fanfiction in the works - brb loling at myself - and I'm excited for it. It's still very much in the planning phase, but hey, why not? Pedestal's coming to an end very quickly and I'll need something else to neglect The Ram with.

On that note: June will be a nanowrimo for it, and July will be a nanowrimo for my WHIPLASH! rewrite (aka REWRITE!). Anyone wanna join in either of these things with me? Or become a cheerleader? More details here!

Anyway, let me pause to gush an itty bitty bit about RMWJ - the new fanfiction I mentioned. I'm keeping what the title actually is under wraps for now, but it follows a relatively small and definitely crazy little cast. We have Ree Majors, main character, possibly psychotic, and resident badass. Scott Felton, her boyfriend, ex-trainer, and owner of a very odd team. Maya Majors, sister, apologetic, possibly neurotic, and only sane man girl. Of course, we don't have a proper story without the famous skitty twist or two! But I'll keep those to myself, too.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

my oh my do you wanna say goodbye

Okay, so it should be semi-common knowledge now, but WHIPLASH! is actually the name of a fiction song by a fictional band in the story. It's all very meta but there's a reason for it. (Not mind control. Probably.) If there's a series, this trend will continue, with other song names by the same band.

The problem is that I'm not a songwriter. And I sort of need any and all of these title songs written out, at least partially. (Hey, even better if they could be actual songs, holy crap lol. I have a general sense of what WHIPLASH!-the-song sounds like, but I'm pretty bad with music in all things but listening.)

So, any songwriters (or even pro poets) out there, oh internet? Anyone wanna join such a project? Obviously, credit would go completely to the writer and whatnot, and any and all pricing or monetary deals could be figured out later-ish when I know exactly what's going down.

(Sonya coming next for the character thing, btw. Something to look forward to!)