Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i'm so lucky lucky i'm so lucky lucky i'm so lovely lovely

Woah, hey guys! Long time no post, I know. College does that sometimes (but only sometimes).

So I have a new fanfiction in the works - brb loling at myself - and I'm excited for it. It's still very much in the planning phase, but hey, why not? Pedestal's coming to an end very quickly and I'll need something else to neglect The Ram with.

On that note: June will be a nanowrimo for it, and July will be a nanowrimo for my WHIPLASH! rewrite (aka REWRITE!). Anyone wanna join in either of these things with me? Or become a cheerleader? More details here!

Anyway, let me pause to gush an itty bitty bit about RMWJ - the new fanfiction I mentioned. I'm keeping what the title actually is under wraps for now, but it follows a relatively small and definitely crazy little cast. We have Ree Majors, main character, possibly psychotic, and resident badass. Scott Felton, her boyfriend, ex-trainer, and owner of a very odd team. Maya Majors, sister, apologetic, possibly neurotic, and only sane man girl. Of course, we don't have a proper story without the famous skitty twist or two! But I'll keep those to myself, too.

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  1. I'm something of a lurker, you see, but I discovered Pedestal whilst attempting to avoid studying for midterms a few weeks and - long story short - I fell in love with it. ♥

    that said, I do hope you get more written for your stories :) they're quite fun to read.