Monday, November 30, 2009

still so young desperate for attention


I managed to hit 50,000 in a vain attempt to introduce Remington. Fifty thousandth word: "an". (and my first word was "it") I AM SO BORING.

Anyway, I'm not technically done with the story and I won't be for a little while longer, but at least I can finish it with a bit more leisure since I qualify for the publishing thing now. :> It's only slightly cheating. (And people do it anyway.)


I'm going to go write moar now and see how many words I can gather before midnight. (this makes me very, very nervous though because I don't want to hit 'verify' yet but what if I miss it somehow?)

see there ain't no sanctuary there's no shelter there's no grace


Terribly, terribly behind. :D Since last year I was done a good few days before the thirtieth, this is distressing to me. Hence ma francais.

So I'm at 45,737 words as of writing this. NaNo ends tonight. Tonight. Why, oh why, am I writing this? Because I want to capture this panic as it begins. Perhaps, later on tonight, I'll make another post when things get really hectic. Oh, say, around eleven or so.

Though I'll definitely hope to be done before then. D: I'll make sure to post when I get done, since it will be filled with JOY AND LOVE AND EUPHORIA and maybe a bit of celebratory dark chocolate.

Oh, also, my boyfriend isn't speaking to me until I finish. I find this very, very amusing since I really don't care. :'D;; (We have a very healthy relationship, as you can see.) But realistically speaking, I will distract myself thoroughly even without speaking to him tonight.

It just kind of makes me lol.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

that's the impression that i get

So I wrote a new story that is actually older than The Rook. It's titled WHIPLASH!, and really has no relation whatsoever to that movie/book Whip It.

I don't have the first chapter done (the posted one is the prologue, actually), and I definitely won't until after November and sometime in December at the absolute earliest. I'm terribly fond of the cast (I think even moreso than The Rook's cast) and I've only worked with them briefly. I have drawn them a hella lot, though.

Anyway, here's some information about WHIPLASH!:

The main characters are Nathan Loar, Sonya Karahalios, Allen Pershing, and Lenore Coracks.
Some of the minor characters are Emil Chevaler, Sara Grace Kellner, Luca Becker and Ann Iridos.
The title is a song from the same name that's in the story and also is mine. It's sung by Daydreamer Syndrome, who also belongs to me.
It was hard to come up with the terms Tego, Inven and nivedidus. D: I used lots of Latin for it, though.
It will be vaguely a war story; there's a war, they're soldiers, but rarely do they actual interact with opposing soldiers. Tego and Inven are mostly sent out for recon and rescue missions.

(I'm sensing some crossover drawings and stuff with the TR and WHIPLASH! casts...)

Monday, November 23, 2009

i am a pirate you are a princess

Aside from feeling the need to draw the cast in Pirate or Princess gear (because of the song I'm a Pirate, You're a Princess by PlayRadioPlay! and the title of this entry), this last weekend has been stressful. XD;

I got behind and it took me three days to finally catch up. Last night I managed to do so, however, and even got a tiny amount of buffer back. *w* I attribute most of that to the Interlude chapter (chapter eight), which was fun to draw. Well, it's always fun to take a break from the main cast and see what's going on elsewhere. Plus it let me introduce a lot of other characters which have been there the entire time, but just not known to Michael (so they wouldn't have appeared in the main plot until they, well, appeared). I love the dynamic the Owl and the Mockingbird have already.

I also think the Mockingbird is mute. I've never had a mute character before. It's just that he doesn't seem to talk. At all. Ever. (And the Bear starts her speaking with ellipses. That went on for awhile before I noticed.)

Michael will eventually meet a few of these characters, but otherwise, they might not be introduced or even mentioned to him. :> So Interlude was to see a bit of the flipside of the story. (I swear, I could write an entire novel just on the interactions of them all. I could rock a sequel.)

Last night, I also had a dream. I went back to France and relaxed and enjoyed it, and then when I woke up the next morning (in the dream), I asked my mother where my laptop was because I had to write. She told me I didn't have it, so I flipped out and demanded to go back to America for it, since I was behind and November was almost over. I wanted to leave France for NaNoWriMo. What the hell is wrong with me.

Also, I have all of the demons and their powers figured out. :'D Has anyone figured out that most demons really don't have just one power? (For example, the Rabbit has her speed as well as a "secondary" power, her sexuality/beauty.)

Here's a couple for reading this blog:
The Wolf & the Cat (they don't have just one overly powerful strength, unlike most others) = awesome hearing, smelling, boosted speed, stealth, fighting capabilities
The Owl = knowledge, wisdom, flight
The Mockingbird = copies others', flight
The Fox = transformation of outer appearance/invisibility, boosted cleverness
The Turtle = time, defensive capabilities
The Dolphin = telekinesis, breathes underwater, boosted intelligence

Friday, November 20, 2009

that boy needs therapy

And suddenly--rape.

I'm seriously not even a part of this story anymore. My characters have taken over the plot.

...Even if I'm a little glad the dark undertones and completely twisted characters are back. >w>

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

it's nearly over the last train is here and it's leaving behind those years

Posted chapter six today and got my second review! Both of these things made me absolutely euphoric. (Especially since the review topped 300 words. That's hella long, and yes, I counted. My roommate and I took a bet on it even.)

I'm excited to at least have introduced the Rabbit. I'm not completely satisfied with how she wiggled into the scene, but at least she's here, right?

Eventually I'll do some group drawings. I've sketched out the Rabbit a couple times, but I'm still sketchy (haha pun) on a bit of her appearance and personality... I'll go on a drawing spree at some point.

Maybe after I catch up. I ran out of buffer since I didn't really write for a couple days. D: I'm terrible.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

a human caught in monochrome dreams

So I went on a character-creating spree last night! It was epic. :> More demons~ yay. Let's see if I can remember them all without looking it up...

The Rook, the Ram, the Rabbit, the Cat, the Wolf, the Snake, the Owl, the Mockingbird, the Bear, the Unicorn (lol), the Dolphin. I had to look up the Deer and the Otter, damn. XD; I've more or less figured them all out. :> There's some epic shit in that list, oh yeah.

I'm also ahead! :D And I plan on keeping it that way. >.>

Thursday, November 12, 2009

well you just laughed it off it was all okay

Chapter four is up! There's a time skip of a couple years, we find out more about the Rook, and some semblance of a plot pops up!

It's kind of exciting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i'm miserable up here without you

In addition to RemingtonxRook being all but canon now, I'm developing a few more characters. One of these is a prostitute, yay! The others... I'm still working on the others (they won't be as major of characters as the whore though, haha).

I'm also being for the first time - but a little over 2k words. Thankfully, though, I have the day off since it's vet's day, so I have a bit of catchup time.

Also, a friend (who is also a wrimo this year) and I have started talking in the language of the bard, and most recently, have taken to acting as our characters as we did so. (See? We're productive...!) I was the Rook and she was Callum. Both of them have a few key interests in common - like killing people, for instance. It was fun. :>

Saturday, November 07, 2009

hello there the angel from my nightmare

...I just realized I ship RemingtonxRook.

I haven't even introduced Remington.

And I really only got to properly writing the Rook in chapter 3. What the hell. Rem won't appear until a looong ways off, too! WHAT THE HELL, IMAGINATION.

...still it's too hot to ignore and they're totally made for each other >A>

Thursday, November 05, 2009

this is the end of the sweet sugar candy man

Chapter two is up, and it's hella long. Don't expect every chapter to be that long--I just wanted to get most of the island arc wrapped up. It should pretty much end next chapter.

Oh, and yes, they are considering cannibalism at this point. :> Next chapter will fully answer that, though!

AND ALSO--the rook has been introduced! Well, the rook as in the bird... Not the actual Rook... but still! It's a step forward! With foreshadow!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

there's just too much that time cannot erase

I'm almost finishing up chapter two! I hope to have it done tonight. :> Finally, the island arc is starting to wrap up. Kinda. Or at least, the main point is brought out and they're discussing it~. It's a lot longer, too, than the first, which I'm happy for. I dislike short chapters (unless they're absolutely necessary).

Also, the rook is introduced! :D

More on him later, though.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

silent night broken night all is fallen when you take your flight


Please, por favor, onegai, s'il vous plait--drop me a review? Feedback is what I feed off of (pun slightly intended) and it helps me get motivated to make it through November.

come up to meet you tell you i'm sorry

I-I-I did something bad.

I clicked on the 'tvtropes' link in the Procrastination Station.

I don't know how long I was out, but I do know that I read all of Persona 4's page and at least a dozen pages before it... @A@;;;


But it was lulzy.