Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i'm miserable up here without you

In addition to RemingtonxRook being all but canon now, I'm developing a few more characters. One of these is a prostitute, yay! The others... I'm still working on the others (they won't be as major of characters as the whore though, haha).

I'm also being for the first time - but a little over 2k words. Thankfully, though, I have the day off since it's vet's day, so I have a bit of catchup time.

Also, a friend (who is also a wrimo this year) and I have started talking in the language of the bard, and most recently, have taken to acting as our characters as we did so. (See? We're productive...!) I was the Rook and she was Callum. Both of them have a few key interests in common - like killing people, for instance. It was fun. :>

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