Wednesday, March 31, 2010

can we get away far away let's leave this place


I need country names. Which are far harder than people names. Far harder.

Otherwise, I'm making slow but semi-steady progress on WHIPLASH!. A week of essays and papers sort of stunted its growth for awhile there. Pedestal's also coming along at its usual quick clip.

Um, not much else. Finally decided to get off my lazy tail and figure out all of the names of Nathan's graduating class though. That'll help. .w.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

all i wish is to dream again

MAN I need to be more regular with this. I should either keep it or delete it but argh. XD; My writing stuff seems to channel into my livejournal or deviantArt. Damnit.

SO here's attempt number two (maybe?) at reviving my writing blog. I'll use this from now on. o<

The Rook is done, just waiting on that cover picture still. Yes, I'm getting antsy waiting for the photo from Wolfie, but I'm not going to nag her about it. I feel guilty for doing so. The model for Tuesday has been (changed) though to her sister. I'll just darken the hair in an art program. >w>;;

Pedestal is winding down, too. There's only two arcs left, although they'll be long as hell. Or at least the Gym race arc will be. I'm not sure about the final showdown arc. (I need a good name for that one too. Legendary arc? Nick arc? Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny arc? HMM.)

Anyway, I'm jumping back into WHIPLASH! (stupid tag thing disallowing my exclamation point). Actually, I'm just annoyed at a lot of places for disallowing my exclamation point. XD; The title is WHIPLASH!, not WHIPLASH. dA is particularly annoying for that, but their title system is crap anyway. At least fictionpress allows it.

Speaking of which, here's a link to WHIPLASH! there because I am a whore: heeeeeere be the link.

I love those characters in there to bits and pieces. BITS AND PIECES I TELL YOU. I still have to work out some details (like country and culture names, damnit, I thought I could get around that but it looks like I won't), but the characters themselves are sound. I even used Sara Grace Kellner in Pedestal, teehee.

Anyway I got a new reader/fan(?) and we were discussing Nathan and Allen and how they're totally hot for each other. Hilarious to discuss, but not canon. This isn't The Rook.

Um then I'll stop here. I'm off to write chapter 4 of WHIPLASH!.