Tuesday, November 24, 2009

that's the impression that i get

So I wrote a new story that is actually older than The Rook. It's titled WHIPLASH!, and really has no relation whatsoever to that movie/book Whip It.

I don't have the first chapter done (the posted one is the prologue, actually), and I definitely won't until after November and sometime in December at the absolute earliest. I'm terribly fond of the cast (I think even moreso than The Rook's cast) and I've only worked with them briefly. I have drawn them a hella lot, though.

Anyway, here's some information about WHIPLASH!:

The main characters are Nathan Loar, Sonya Karahalios, Allen Pershing, and Lenore Coracks.
Some of the minor characters are Emil Chevaler, Sara Grace Kellner, Luca Becker and Ann Iridos.
The title is a song from the same name that's in the story and also is mine. It's sung by Daydreamer Syndrome, who also belongs to me.
It was hard to come up with the terms Tego, Inven and nivedidus. D: I used lots of Latin for it, though.
It will be vaguely a war story; there's a war, they're soldiers, but rarely do they actual interact with opposing soldiers. Tego and Inven are mostly sent out for recon and rescue missions.

(I'm sensing some crossover drawings and stuff with the TR and WHIPLASH! casts...)

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