Wednesday, November 18, 2009

it's nearly over the last train is here and it's leaving behind those years

Posted chapter six today and got my second review! Both of these things made me absolutely euphoric. (Especially since the review topped 300 words. That's hella long, and yes, I counted. My roommate and I took a bet on it even.)

I'm excited to at least have introduced the Rabbit. I'm not completely satisfied with how she wiggled into the scene, but at least she's here, right?

Eventually I'll do some group drawings. I've sketched out the Rabbit a couple times, but I'm still sketchy (haha pun) on a bit of her appearance and personality... I'll go on a drawing spree at some point.

Maybe after I catch up. I ran out of buffer since I didn't really write for a couple days. D: I'm terrible.

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