Thursday, February 03, 2011

my oh my do you wanna say goodbye

Okay, so it should be semi-common knowledge now, but WHIPLASH! is actually the name of a fiction song by a fictional band in the story. It's all very meta but there's a reason for it. (Not mind control. Probably.) If there's a series, this trend will continue, with other song names by the same band.

The problem is that I'm not a songwriter. And I sort of need any and all of these title songs written out, at least partially. (Hey, even better if they could be actual songs, holy crap lol. I have a general sense of what WHIPLASH!-the-song sounds like, but I'm pretty bad with music in all things but listening.)

So, any songwriters (or even pro poets) out there, oh internet? Anyone wanna join such a project? Obviously, credit would go completely to the writer and whatnot, and any and all pricing or monetary deals could be figured out later-ish when I know exactly what's going down.

(Sonya coming next for the character thing, btw. Something to look forward to!)

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