Sunday, October 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo Post The First + Mock Book Trailers

Hey guys! Well, less than half a month to go to NaNoWriMo. Fun times!

I've pretty much given up on getting The Ram completely finished by then, so I'm basically gonna get as much done as I can beforehand, and use some of my words to completely finish it up. And then I'll start the last in the trilogy with the rest of my words!

Since it was a couple years ago now, I bet y'all didn't know that I made a mock book trailer for The Rook! You can view it here. I'm not a master movie maker, but I'm rather proud of it, haha. Mock book trailers were very in that year.

I tried making one for The Ram, but it fell short. Just didn't happen. This year, however, I managed to scrape together one for the last in the trilogy! I'm not sure anyone's noticed, but I haven't actually said the last title in the trilogy yet. But since it's nanowrimo season, since it's coming closer, and since I have a trailer for it, may as well toss it out to the internet.

The last title in The Rook series is "The Owl"! And you can view its trailer here. I used the same song as The Rook's trailer, but with different parts, and sort of the same overall theme. Because it's what I do and I like matching things.

I'll still throw up an actual preparations post closer to november, but I thought I'd share those little things first. :> Though please, be aware of some minor spoilers, mostly by implication (and don't you dare pause that trailer during the words part! :c). That's also the reason why I kept the title under wraps. Because title characters are important.

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