Saturday, March 19, 2011


So I've been entertaining the idea of doing a sort of Mark Reads thing, but with fanfiction. (There's nothing like that of repute on the internet, is there? IF SO WHERE.)

I mean, the tricky thing would be finding quality finished fanfiction. Would I skip around in genres or just go with one? (I would probably stick with pokemon, then, it being my first and most knowledgeable.) How would I pick stories? Would anyone bother reading it? (it wouldn't go on this site, probably would make another. i like my writing angst too much to let it die.)

Oh well, just a thought. (lol all the 'great ones' of fanfiction! I actually haven't read that many pkmn ones lately (and completely missed out on ones like "The Sun Soul" and "Clouded Sky" due to general laziness and busy-ness), so I'd be new to most of them! The only one I WOULD want to do, though, that I've already read part of is "Regret", but I left reviews so I could use those for some of my initial reactions while rereading...)

Also I think I'll start using actual post titles! Too lazy to go back and change the others, though. Ha.

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