Sunday, May 30, 2010

please don't go i want you to stay i'm begging you please oh please don't leave here

Taking a leaf from Neko-chan's book and deciding to do a sort of writing thing. Meme? Form?

Things I Like To Write:
+Angst. Though I've gotten gradually less dependent on it over the years, you still can't be a good angst fix.
+That one character. Yeah. You know him/her. There's always that one character. There's something about him/her that makes them a blast to write. Usually for no good reason.
+Fight scenes. C'mooooon, they're fun! I see stories like I would see a movie, so scenes where the action is nonstop is more fun for me. Though I think I've also gotten rusty here too since I stopped Dark Knight. Or maybe DK ruined me; I'm too use to ninjas. Damn those ninjas.
+Jokes. Yeah, I'm lame. But I like writing in those tiny, subtle little things that only one in a million people will ever understand. References like that, too. Or I'll take the stupidest thing and turn it into a running joke, just to see how many people catch on. Nathan's smoking habit is a very obvious example. The cough medicine in Pedestal is a little less obvious.
+Character abuse. This is basically a culmination of the above things, but I thrive off of it. I could not function without it. :D I mean, look at my stories. Name a character who doesn't have some form of mental problem. Name one, I challenge you. (I mean, The Rook is basically this. Just this.)

Things I Like To Read:
+Romance. Ranging from fluff to smut, I dig it. |D Actually, smut should practically get its own category in this list... Oh well.
+Horror/Dark. Stephen King, Poe... It's delicious. Which is weird, considering I'm a total pansy. Still, I dig me some dark, dark stories. The darker, the better.
+Deep things. You know, those books that just make you think once you get through with them. You just lay back, spread-eagled, on your bed and stare at the ceiling and think.

I'll do things I dislike to read/write later on.

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