Thursday, June 24, 2010

angels sang out in an immaculate chorus and down from the heavens descended chuck norris

In honor of me completing the Tego class list and finally putting it in a word document as well as my dingy old WHIPLASH! notebook (complete with a map, Tego class list, semi-completed Inven list, main character bios, semi-completed scientist & politician list, semi-completed culture list, et cetera...), here's the class list. It's in order of class rank, and the numbers after are the ages. (I also made progress on chapter seven ohmaigaw. Though I really hope no one's expecting a Pedestal update tonight. *cringe*)

Sara Grace Kellner (19)
Nathan Loar (19)
Luca Becker (20)
Zeren Kaya (23)
Jack Gallagher (19)
Liam Wright (23)
Maria Delgado (20)
Del Mattson (27)
Hudson Blanshir (23)
Tristan Swarovski (22)
Gavin Erikson (19)
Vayden Amirmoez (20)
Cameron Lint (22)
Allen Pershing (19)
Peter Sherrill (20)
Kevin Blanchard (22)
Darren Gold (23)
Warrick Faulkner (20)
Conrad Teriti (20)
Kendall Williams (23)
Josh Morrison (20)
Chris Daniels (19)
Felix Azeel (20)
Ivan Callen (22)
Yuan Aldana (20)
Brian Rockefeller (23)
John Caldwell (22)
Samuel Mas (20)
Vachel Herriot (20)
Talli Johnson (23)
Matthew Bethaway (19)
Sol Palek (23)
Oliver Visatris (20)

A couple tidbits/fun facts:
+I will mention every single name on this list at least once. I will. A lot of them are actually semi-fleshed out in my head, too.
+Sara Grace (mentioned already; main character), Nathan (mentioned already; main character), Jack (mentioned already; minor character), Gavin (nope), Allen (mentioned already; main character), Chris (nope) and Matthew (Allen's neighbor lol, will be mentioned in chapter 7) are the only ones who graduated early.
+There are so many references it isn't even funny. Some examples: Sol Palek is pulled directly from A Queendom Fallen, (Prince) Vayden is pulled from AQF with an added last name, Hudson Blanshir is named for Mister Hudson's song "White Lies", Gavin is a friend's son's name, Brian is a friend's name, Johnson is a friend's last name, Tristan is my brother's character's name, Vachel Herriot is inspired by Hiruma Arakawa (mangaka of FullMetal Alchemist) (it's a long story), Conrad was named for Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name, etc etc.
+Three laws had to change after Zeren Kaya took and passed the Tego entrance exam. Muse on that. :D
+Of the top ten, one is full-blooded Lannish, and one is full-blooded Baukian. The rest are either mutts and/or had families from Sovine. Zeren is the only one not Sovine-born, however, since Maria, while very Lannish, was born there. (Luca is... something. A mutt, but I haven't decided of what yet.)
+The top five will all be main characters, to some degree. The first two are a given. It's an open secret that Luca Becker becomes Emil's Tego. Zeren Kaya will be mentioned numerous times and will have something else happen, and Jack Gallagher has already been the first injured Tego of the class (lucky guy).

And, what the hell, here's a couple Inven names thrown in for the fun of it. (Good luck figuring out who belongs to who, though. :P Although it's surprising how many have already gotten a mention/feature. For example, Ann Iridos has already been introduced and named as Sara Grace's Inven.)

Lenore Coracks (??)
Ann Iridos (13)
Emma Jagg (12)
Clover Gold (13)
Rani Solo (12)
Samra Tyn (13)
Natania Novak (14)

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