Friday, July 23, 2010

don't call my name don't call my name roberto

Got a Twitter for my writing because sometimes I can't be halfassed to post on this. XD; Though I have a feeling it'll start to turn into a character profile eventually.

I've worked out some ideas in my mind (well, most of them are lulzy and crack and will be put into comics/drawings instead of the actual stories, but still, they are ideas) lately and while I meant to donate tonight to writing - faaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiil - at least I have these things in my mind. I just don't know when I'd get the chance to put a lot of them onto a word document. >A> I have work for a lot of tomorrow, saturday I've donated to Mark, and my next free day off after that is for an eye appointment / new glasses. Yeah. Lookit how exciting my non-writing life is.

But back to my yes-writing life! Looks like we'll have a Pedestal update next week. As for WHIPLASH!... damnit I gotta work on that. BUT THE ROOK. YES. I made a Rook doll to go with my Mister Beggar doll, but I'm not sure what I'll be doing with him just yet. Wifey's claimed my Ram doll that I'll make at some point. I wanna do WHIPLASH! characters (Nick and NamNar are a given), but I'm not sure how I'll do the crazy hair colors and, well, hair for that matter. Lenore and Sonya's spring to mind as being rather complicated. Heaven forbid I attempt Sara Grace.

Yeah I'm done now so I can actually WRITE GASP.

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