Sunday, July 11, 2010

power is not what he craves my friend it's just a means to his electro end

There are upsides to being sick! Who knew!

Upside 1: I finished proofing The Rook, updated it on createspace, and sent away for the finalized proof. I got the email notification saying they shipped it today, so in a couple days, I'll have it, and then I'll look over it once more (look over, not read) to make sure there are no spacing errors or anything. And then. Sale. aka the phase where I'm all like "GIVE ME YO MONEY HO" and beat people with my pimp cane.

Apparently a couple of my readers are making posters to hang up in their school, and quite a few have recommended it to their friends. ;w; This is so touching, guys. Now if only you were that cool with WHIPLASH!. But no, seriously, you guys are great, fantastic, wonderful.

Upside 2: Writing time! This is actually because I have missed three days of work now (and I'll probably miss part/all of tomorrow too, due to an appointment), but still. It gave me time to finish up with TR, mess around a tiny bit with WHIPLASH!, and write almost two chapters of Pedestal thus far. I hope to make a buffer again, even if it's just one chapter. It'll help tremendously. Plus it seems like the plot is moving ahead speedily now, especially since I only have one more planned competition and then the end. How does that work? Well, just watch and find out. Er, read. You know what I mean.

Oh, I also already pimped this out in the Pedestal-TeamAwesome group on deviantArt, but Pedestal has a tvtropes page. It makes me lol hardcore and is definitely something every pedestal reader should check out.

I was also playing chess the other evening with my brother, and we named all of the pieces after characters in The Rook. Dorky, but fun.
Rook = the Rook.
Bishop = the Rabbit.
Knight = the Mockingbird.
King = the Owl.
Queen = the Ram.
Pawns = the humans. All little Tuesdays and Michaels and Stephens and Silvermins.

Skitty out.

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  1. Yes, this is awesomesauce even though you are sick. And I have been pimping out WHIPLASH! to the people I got addicted to The Rook. It takes a while but soon you will have more mind slaves.

    Pimp cane? I thought we agreed on using Raccoons as sex toy punishments. Humph.