Sunday, August 01, 2010

praise to my father blessed by the water black night dark sky the devils cry

In addition to still wanting to in-character text with someone (*stares hard at MundaneJester*), very suddenly, I want to write smut. Which I have never actually written before. Moreover, I am still deciding between my Rook and Ram or Nate & Allen. (Also if anyone else other than me ever calls him Nate I will punch you in the balls.) So I'm currently discussing why my writing gland suddenly wants to do this.

And now for some fun ideas we're throwing around!
+hate sex (RR)
+drunkenness (sort of a given for NA)
+michael!verse vs. tuesday!verse

...and that's about it. I guess we're going with Rook & Ram first, hate sex, michael!verse (aka the first book).

I have no idea about the actual smut part, but surely writing different genres and different things is good for you, right? Right? (and lord knows I need practice on romance. ...if this can even be called that.)

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  1. *looks away innocently* Please, like I could text in-character. I'd like to, but it would ruin the whole experience. Kinda like a banana-flavored condom when a person is allergic to bananas.

    As for the smut, I say hell yes! I do write smut for lulz now and again. Do it, it is addicting.

    NATHANxALLEN, woo~ Even if they are drunk, it is still some type of evidence for that pairing!

    ROOKxRAM would be even more lulzy~ Which is strange, considering it's practically canon.

    I DEMAND YOU DO THIS. Along with a Sara Grace Kellner FUCK YEAH one-shot.

    It is four in the morning. Huh. Yes, I am just trying to make this remark seem longer than it actually is.