Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i wonder why my heart feels dead inside it feels cold and hard and petrified

OH MY GOD GUYS I JUST REACHED 50k. Admittedly, I was sitting at 49k for the past three days, but hey, life gets in the way sometimes. STILL. GREEN BAR. GONNA GET PURPLE ONCE I'M DONE WITH THIS PASSAGE.

Here's the last paragraph I wrote:

Oh my God—Stephen. With that, her train of thought finally derailed. He had been poking and prodding at her the entire time she’d known him for this sort of thing, although admittedly because he thought she was still seeing them as hallucinations. If he found out that the Rabbit was more or less real, he would immediately become suspicious of the rest. Even more so because she had never mentioned it to him before. And with his overactive imagination…

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  1. Congrats on winning NaNo, it feels great doesn't it? and such a relief...lol