Saturday, January 01, 2011

with a thousand lies and a good disguise hit 'em right between the eyes

So completely and shamelessly stolen (but probably not unique to) from The Meek, but I doodled up some new year's resolutions for some of my characters.

NamNar: I resolve to make up my mind about Nick. (Um, maybe...)
Nick: I resolve to keep up the good work.
Tuesday: I resolve to... survive.
Luca: I resolve to be properly fuckin' introduced. (Thomas in the background: Me too!)

My favorite thus far are the rebels of the group.

I plan on drawing Nathan and Sara Grace simply having a catfight/pulling on each other's hair. And I already have Maria and Emil drawn up with the following:

Maria: Jero shanai toa esimer, mies surdan parvite.
Emil: S-Silenco, tou ors nordin!

Which translates to "I shall (it sounds more formal translated, but isn't when spoken in Lannish) eat you, my little southerner." and "Sh-Shut up, you northern bear!".

Basically this is just fun and a great way to torture play with my characters.

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