Wednesday, October 21, 2009

we are fighting dreamers

o hai!

This is snohshine, or Cora, or Skitty, or whoever you know me as. (They're all the same person, naturally.) I am the author/writer of The Rook, my hopefully-50,000-word novel I will be creating/giving birth to this November.

Also, for the record, my post titles will all be lyrics of songs I'm listening to.

What is The Rook? Oh yes, I will get very tired of italicizing that, btw. Italics are a bitch anyway and I already have to wrestle with them for one story, so I'm not going to put myself through it again. :>

Anyway, The Rook is the title of my novel~ and it describes one of the characters, the Rook. See how that works? I will actually be working with a really small cast (as opposed to other works of mine), and I could more or less count the 'main' characters on one hand.

The actual Main Character (abbreviated from here on out as the MC) is a little boy named Michael. I haven't decided on an exact age yet, but I know he's young. Blond hair, blue eyes, a very cute young boy. :> Tuesday, another character, actually calls him angelic a couple times. (So does the Rook.) Later on he gets an appearance change, though. Oh well. He's pretty quiet, and usually won't speak unless spoken to. He has a mother and a father but no siblings.

The other pretty main character is the Rook, naturally. But we'll talk more on him later, like when he actually appears.

Two other characters that will be appearing in the first chapter are Tuesday and Silvermin. Tuesday is a teenage girl who acts fairly motherly towards Michael and tries to take care of him during their time on the island. She has brown hair, dark brown eyes, wears mascara, has a healthy figure for a girl her age, and likes to tell stories. She's often telling Michael stories. Her mother was a librarian for a lot of her childhood and imparted a love of fiction. Tuesday once said that she would be a writer, just so she could have her very own book/story, except she has nothing to write about. (NaNoWriMo anyone?)

Silvermin is an older gentleman--okay, not older, like in his late thirties or early forties. But compared to a small boy and a teenager, that is older. He's a fairly wealthy businessman and has a touch of a British accent and mannerisms. He also has a mustache! He's never had children, which leads him to deal with Tuesday and Michael rather awkwardly at first, but they soon come to a certain relationship of reservation and mutual distance. He's a rather intelligent character, and very much a chocoholic.

More on the characters later as I figure them out more.

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