Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'cause i feel like such an insomniac

A couple more character facts in this post. :> Mostly because I remembered some more, haha.

+Vaikuntha's personality is a little based on Nagi from Deadman Wonderland, too. At least his calm, smiling persona. (if you've read the series, they do have more similarities than that... ;D)
+Allen and Lenore's names are sort of a joke. I'm a little surprised no one's caught on. Lenore came from the Edgar Allan (Allan, Allen, yes) Poe poem "The Raven". Her last name, Coracks, is from "corax", which is the latin species name of the common raven. Allen's name is the more common spelling of 'Allan', since I wasn't going to name him Edgar. And Pershing and Poe both start with P. :> (His last name is also that of a famous general, I think...)
+NamNar's real name also came from a plethora of sources. I've always liked his first name, and his last name half came from the Aqua song and half from America's real name in Hetalia.
+Leland Aminov was more or less directly from a previous (ditched) project of mine titled A Queendom Fallen. He was a fairly minor character who died early on. He probably won't share the same fate in WHIPLASH!.
+Only one of my characters is a vegetarian, though I myself am, and he was only it for a short time. (NamNar)
+I have never used my first, middle, or last name for a character, even when the character was actually based on myself. (I consider that fairly poor form as an author, however, so I try not to do that for anything but parodic reasons.)

Not as many this time. X3 Oh well.

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