Saturday, April 10, 2010

'cause i'm a gamblin' boogie man

Some random fun facts/trivia about my writing (characters specifically):

+Vaikuntha was inspired mostly by prince Soma from Kuroshitsuji, at least physically.
+Maria Delgado's physical design was about half Samantha from The Zombie Hunters and half someone else that I can't recall at this point (I should probably figure that out at some point). Her personality is starting to pick up some of Sammie's traits, too, which worries me. Primarily the language issue. (her last name also came from a band "The Delgados" who sing The Light Before We Land which is from Gunslinger Girl)
+Emil's character came from a dream of mine. Wah he's so cute. (he died in my dream. uh.)
+Sonya and Nathan's characters also came from a dream, as did much of the abstract plot of WHIPLASH!. Or, sorta. Reality tends to tweak things so they follow basic logic.
+Alicia's physical appearance is almost entirely based off of one of Lady GaGa's many, many looks. I lol secretly to myself at night because of this.
+The Rook, Michael, and Silvermin also were from a dream. The Ram was there, too, but he was, you know, a ram. Or a demon one. I created his human form entirely from scratch, though really, these human forms aren't all that hard. Quite fun, actually. Interestingly enough, they seem to develop their own personalities as soon as they enter into my head. A lot of my characters are like that, but never to this extent.
+Mr. Silvermin's character was heavily inspired by my math teacher, Mr. Hixon.
+Tuesday's physical appearance is based loosely on our CA, and her name is a mix of a girl named Tuesday on our floor, and my roommate's last name. It was November. I needed a name. I panicked.
+Emil is the only character of mine to have gone through a name change. (His last name was originally Chevaler. Now it's Cavaller. No, I'm not sure how to pronounce it, either.)
+The Rook and Ram are my first gay male characters. Though I'm not sure how 'gay' they actually are; sex is just another form of domination for them. They fight over that, too. (yes, over who tops)
+I only have one female gay character at this point, though the Rabbit might swing that way. Probably. NOWAIT I LIED. My first bisexual character was Tessa (whose name was incidentally also borrowed from a friend I had) and she had a crush on Pocky. Unfortunately, I never really got the chance to write her. I may have to change that.
+Hanna's name was taken from a friend of mine. Yes, it's pronounced hah-nuh.
+Nick's name was taken from a variety of people. One of my longtime crushes, a great guy in my speech class, and my cousin all share that name. I could never remember the nick-in-my-speech-class's last name so I mentally called him Nick Sayre lol. (the last name sayre was borrowed from the character Nicholas Sayre from the Abhorsen series. his name is such a total bastardization at this point I don't even)
+Des' name sorta came with the territory.
+Carlita's name is a bastardization of a friend of mine's.
+Ike was originally supposed to be an Electrike, so that's where his name came from.
+I looked up russian names and came up with 'kostya' as a pet name for 'konstantin', so I thought it was too cute not to use. The russian/soviet ghost thing was originally supposed to be a joke, though.
+Alice's name did indeed come from a song.
+Zarek's name came from Alice--haha no. Actually I just looked up baby names. It means something like knight or noble one or something...

That's all now. :> Ja ne.

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