Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a solid soul and the blood i bleed

Whoops, I have no idea what Jack Gallagher looks like and I'm trying to draw him. XD Doesn't work out so well. Gave up on him and instead designed Lenore's still unnamed first Tego. Emo glasses. |D First character I've designed who has them, haha. He also has sideburns? Yeah idk either. SEXY MOFO LET ME TELL YOU.

Um um um. I finished chapter 96 of pedestal (finally) but I'm still more or less stuck on WHIPLASH!'s chapter six. I made progress on it, though. D< PROGRESS IS GOOD OKAY? DON'T JUDGE ME. I'll work on it more tonight even though I should be studying/working on my SS presentation/doing stuff.

I keep playing that Robot Unicorn Attack game too. D:

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