Thursday, May 06, 2010

this world is just illusion always trying to change you

Got done with chapter 6 of WHIPLASH!, woo. Sorta neglected Pedestal in order to do so oh well. >A> Pedestal's almost done, and WHIPLASH! is just starting... So I guess logically speaking I should concentrate on Pedestal more so I can wrap it up and move on with my life, right? BUT SINCE WHEN DO I FOLLOW LOGIC.

In other news, after watching parts of The Talented Mr. Ripley, I decided to agree with my mother in the fact that Jude Law would be better cast as the Ram, not the Rook. He even has the accent to boot. (Though the Ram's is very slight and comes and goes.)

I really should work on The Ram at some point. This year's NaNo anyone? It'll definitely wait until after Pedestal though; two stories has me straining as it is.

Maria is slowly turning into a fan favorite, too, which makes me lol. XD; She's such a minor character but I'm thinking she should become more major. If only for the interactions.

Here's some fun facts that I wish I could work into stories but I'm not sure how I'll be able to:

+Annie Delgado, Maria's "sort of" sister-in-law, is "sort of" because her hubby and Maria's bro died. After Annie started fooling around with other men, most of the family basically disowned her, though she kept his last name. (yes, she's currently screwing Chad Coley. that's why they repeatedly look so disheveled; sex hair ftw! Nathan will catch onto this eventually.)

+I think Jack Gallagher x Maria Delgado is so canon I don't even. They're well suited in a weird way.

+Though the Mockingbird and the Owl are basically joined at the hip, I can't see any sort of romance between them. Huh. Platonic relationships ftw! It's not used nearly enough in literature these days.

+Inven are traditionally female and Tego are traditionally male. There is no real rule for this, except societal pressure and, well, tradition. Inven are trained and recruited younger (especially lately), and girls, who are more mature at that point, are encouraged to join up. Boys, who are less mature, figure they'll hold out for the 'real' training - Tego training. Of course there are (notable) exceptions like Emil and Sara Grace.

+Tego do not normally become snipers, just because their jobs are so physical and usually close-range. Still, because of their physical disadvantage, it's a popular route to take for female Tego. Maria and Talli Johnson (the Tego who went missing on the first mission) are both trained as snipers, though Talli also trained with a .22 rifle in closer range fighting as well. Maria, if pressed to fight close combat, will simply hit people with her rifle like it's a baseball bat. She also is known for kicking men between the legs.

+Allen is the only Tego ever to have trained so... evenly. There have been others to specialize in more than one area, but he tried his damnedest to get pro at everything. He obviously has strengths and weaknesses, but otherwise, he did a damn fine job at it. Even though his test scores suffered terribly and resulted in a pretty sad class ranking.

+Lenore is currently the oldest active Inven. I'm not sure how old she actually is, though. She was recruited back in the day when Inven were recruited older - before they figured out the hazards of connecting the nivedidus so late - so she joined probably around the age of fifteen and went onto the battlefield at sixteen or seventeen. (as opposed to Sonya getting chucked onto the battlefield at the tender age of twelve)

+Tego training has gone through very little changes, though, especially dealing with ages. It's been pretty much the same, though initially, simple soldiers were sent out to protect the Inven. As the project evolved, Tego were created with that exact purpose in mind.

+Tego have to be skilled in one form of hand-to-hand combat, one melee weapon if I may borrow the term from video games, and one long-range weapon. Naturally, most simply get good at brawling and pick up a gun, but a couple have decided to be weird. Throwing daggers, swords, and even a crossbow (once) have all been recorded as being used by Tego throughout the years.

+Tego have several different uniforms. The most common is the summer/southern one, which Nathan and Sonya sport for most of the story. There is also a winter/northern version, which is designed for colder temperatures. There is a battlefield/front lines version too, which closely resembles a soldier's. Then there are hybrids of all of these. In fact, after the first year of active duty, Inven and Tego are basically allowed to frankenstein a customized uniform for themselves, based on what works and what doesn't. There are guidelines, of course, but it still makes for some interesting outfits...

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