Tuesday, May 25, 2010

and i can't fake it the way i could before i hate you but i love you i can't stop thinking of you it's true i'm stuck on you

“Looking for someone?” Vaikuntha asked curiously.
“Yeah, my parents… And Hanna and Jude and Cossette. They’re here somewhere…”
“Even if you cannot see them, I am sure they are cheering with all their might for you, brother.”
“You mean for us. We’re a team now. Even more now, I mean.”
“Ah… Yes, that is right! I have people cheering for me, too.” He smiled happily to himself, pleased with this. I frowned thoughtfully at him. I knew his parents weren’t here, and he hadn’t introduced me to any other visitors (I had introduced him to Jude and Cossette), so maybe he didn’t have anyone here for him…
I set my mouth in a firm line and said, “Yeah, Vai. You have people cheering for you, too. You’re now an honorary part of Team Awesome, yeah?”

You know Vai totally teared up and had a really shoujo-manga-ish moment with a smile and everything. YOU KNOW IT.

And Nathan waxes philosophical:

“…It’s quiet,” Sonya said, straddling the empty windowsill. She stared out at the downpour. Nathan leaned against it, arms crossed against the slight chill the rain had created. It seemed as if the world was painted in nothing but shades of grey. But even with the dull roar of the rain, it was true. It was quiet out. Silent, once you learned to tune out the rain. “I wonder… I wonder what this place was like when it was still alive. When there were still people living here. D’you think someone sat here, right here, and stared out at the rain like I am now?”
Statistically speaking, it had probably happened. Nathan exhaled and leaned down onto the bottom of the sill, and said instead, “Doesn’t it make you feel better to think that you are the only person to have ever done it?”
Sonya turned to him, surprise written across her face. She relaxed into a smile, though, and soon turned back to the rain. “Yeah, I guess so. It’s more fun to be unique.”
“It is, but it’s also sort of lonely.”
“Is what why you’re here with me?”
“Yeah. I guess it is.”

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