Wednesday, May 26, 2010

you know what i don't hate?

I made a little comic about Sonya - and, by extension, the Rabbit and Nathan - today as a random request. X3 Here is the first part, out of four. Just a sugary sweet little thing that shows a bit about Sonya's psyche and her and Nate's relationship.

I haven't written in forevah though. D: This makes me a sad, sad Skitty. INSPIRATION, COME BACK TO ME. In a couple years, I might write an epic, epic novel, but as it is, right now, I cannot. >w> Top-secret project though. If it gets pulled off (and I don't die for it), it'll be spectacular.

Tonight, I will write WHIPLASH! if it kills me. If it kills me.

Wolfie will also (very hopefully) have my picture done by the end of this week! *fingers crossed* OH GOD. This would mean that I could potentially get The Rook off to publishing this weekend. This weekend. *insert hyperventilation here*

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