Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it's so hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world you've got my heart and it's beating for every girl

I read "Le Jardin" by Megan Gedris (same author as Yu+Me, which I suggest you read as well) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am also wanting to write a short, dark, poe-esque story about love and murder as well, but I am le terrible when it comes to short stories. That and I wouldn't know where to begin.

idk what else. I'm trying to write today, I really am. I haven't written in forevah. (oddly enough I'm not going into withdrawal like I normally do, but I do believe I can attribute that to my drawing) I wrote about a paragraph for the new pedestal chapter, but I really wish I could work on WHIPLASH! some more...

Speaking of my darling little WHIPLASH!, I gotta plan more of that out. ._. I'm in the delicate phase of "wtf am I doing with this story here". In other words, I have the beginning (obviously), I have the cast, and I have the ending. But past that, I'm shooting in the dark here. So I made it storm. :'D

But I really gotta come up with some fun missions for them. XD I have a couple ideas for some tagteam missions and character exposition, but hmm... HMM...

Also can I say I cannot wait for a year to pass in-story so Emil can properly come back, kick ass, and take names? I want to introduce Luca Becker moar and oh god there are a couple scenes with him I am SO EXCITED for. :D :D :D Like him literally beating on Nathan when he upsets Sonya and then the little kiddies being brats and cheering. (also I plan to keep subtly mentioning Becker until people know the name, though he's only been in one itty bitty scene thus far)

It'll go something like this:

It wasn't hard to know where Sonya was headed. There were only so many places she could go, anyway, and none of them were nearly so keen to be sympathetic than Emil and Luca. Unfortunately, she had a head start and speed on him. By the time he arrived, panting, at the building, Luca was already waiting outside for him, arms crossed.
He didn't seem at all surprised to see Nathan there, either. Trying to regulate his breathing and setting his hands on his knees, Nathan bit out, "I'm not going to fight you for her, Becker."
"I have strict orders not to let you on the premises. And since she has Emil by the balls and he has me by the balls, I think it prudent not to argue against them," Luca said flatly, pushing himself away from the wall. He didn't appear to have a gun on him - which was good, considering Nathan hadn't had the time (or foresight) to grab his. Dog tags jingling as he waltzed over, he used his height to stare down at Nathan. He tried his best to stare back, but it was hard when he was losing by height, muscle, hand-to-hand combat training... and even he knew that he was morally in the wrong here.
Still, Sonya was his Inven. He had to do something, even if it involved getting his ass handed to himself in order to get to her.

yeah idk.

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