Wednesday, May 12, 2010

may i have your attention please - please refrain from not smoking

I really like doing those 101 question things, but egad they are long as sin. D: I really would like to do Allen and Lenore and maybe even Sara Grace and Jack and Maria, or maybe even Emil as well... Or, for that matter, a hella lot of characters. But it really is a long bitch. ._. And I hate how it stretches out the page... (hence why I'm going to start sprinkling in these little ones; they'll start moving the long things down the page and out of the way... eventually.)

In other news I am still absolutely amazed at how much of a troll Allen has become. As evidenced by this sentence (each one is a link; click, click~). Seriously though. I had originally planned for him to be a motherly-hen-type... Or a worrier, at any rate. He still is, definitely, but he's more mischievous and immature and developed a sense of humor along the way. (him and his candyland picture are now the new one for this site, too) ...I guess that's just how characters evolve.

So for the rest of this post, here are a couple characters from their conception to their roles now. (and who knows, they'll probably grow more along the way~)

+Nathan Loar was originally supposed to be very, very laid back. Somehow, he lost that. Most of it. Almost all of it. He's now a little more easily annoyed, and more stressed, haha. Maybe it's just how Sonya acts around him.
+Sonya Karahalios wasn't originally going to be so peppy and cheerful and immature. Then again, I actually wholeheartedly like her transformation.
+Lenore was originally supposed to have a bad, bad case of PTSD. She still does, but apparently she hides it better. Then again, she hasn't been in a chapter for awhile... I'm thinking about writing a chapter about Allen and her (as opposed to Nathan & Sonya), so I'm sure we'd see more of her then. But yeah, she was originally a freak. XD She was originally going to greet other females with the question "so are you pregnant?". Yeah.
+Sara Grace has gone from a vague concept of 'bitch' to 'righteous bitch'. *shrug* I like her character and design a bit more, but I'm a little irked at how feminist she's become...

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