Wednesday, June 02, 2010

close your eyes clear your heart cut the cord are we human or are we dancer

Finally, finally made some more progress on WHIPLASH!. Got about a page, but more importantly, I got past the stuck part. XD; Thank god for Sonya's... personality.

“You’re so cool.”
He nearly choked on his breath. Recovering, he looked away and covered his mouth with his hand, feigning another drag. She had been rather quiet on the mission up until that point—no, she had been calming down in general. “What brought this up again?” he asked carefully, blowing smoke at her across the fire.
She giggled girlishly (never a good sign) and smiled at him. “I can’t help it. Just seeing you like this. I mean, I know smoking is terrible for your health and everything, but you look so much like a bad boy when you do it. It’s highly attractive. Nathan, have you ever had a girlfriend before?” The smile dimmed enough for him to notice.
Still, after a brief internal debate, he decided honesty was the best policy. “Of course I have. Why do you ask?” As if he couldn’t guess.
“Oh… Then I guess you’ve already had your first kiss, huh.” She didn’t have to sound so disappointed about it.
“Sonya, if you were my age, would you expect anything less?”
“No, but—I guess I hadn’t been expecting much, anyway.” She gave up with a defeated sigh. “It’s just—I haven’t!”
He couldn’t help but smile at the sheer outrage in her voice. “This is a problem for you?” He really shouldn’t be teasing her, but he was only human. At least he was humoring her.
“Yes! Don’t—Don’t laugh, Nathan!”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
“Y-Yes you were! You’re so mean! I’m a girl, okay, and we think about these things! These things are important to us!” she snapped, her cheeks a very bright red. He held up his hands in surrender.

(I also doodled a little comic last night that has me terrorizing Sonya & Nathan in mid-this-scene.)

Anyway, here's some fun facts:
+Nathan and Sara Grace both use .45 semiautomatic pistols as their weapon of choice. No one is sure who started it and who copied who, but of course both of them will fervently exclaim that they were the first and the other is copying.
+Maria is the only female Tego in their year to have been properly sniper trained. Sara Grace went for .45 training, and Talli Johnson took on .22 rifle training as a bet and fell in love with the gun after that. She went in for some sniper training with it, but it wasn't her forte.
+Sonya is one of the youngest in her class. She turned twelve only about a month before meeting Nathan.
+Lenore, unlike most (okay, basically all) other Inven, has had combat training. She is skilled with a hunting knife (long story, and she will never tell you it on pain of death), a Kyymese style of fighting, and due to circumstances repeating themselves far too many times, she's unofficially trained in using her previous Tego's gun.

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