Saturday, June 05, 2010

i gotta tuck you in girl i gotta sing you sweet melodies about babies yeah

Finishing up Neko-chan's writing/reading likes/dislikes thing. :'D

Things I Dislike Writing:
+Romance. Maybe I'm just romantically stunted, but I feel flat-out embarrassed writing it in any amount of detail. I can handle the cutesy stuff like kissing and hugging but ehh. That's about it. Which is going to make later parts of WHIPLASH! fun...

That's actually pretty much it. Because if I don't like to write it, I don't write it. I'm usually not forced to do it or anything. XD;

Things I Dislike Reading:
+Poorly-written shit. Excuse my french, but it's true. If you want me to read your story and it turns out to have major spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors, or is about a Mary Sue being kidnapped by the hottest canon character and having a whirlwind romance and singlehandedly saving half the cast, I am going to close out of the window, shut off my computer, and go to my writing god shrine and pray for the future of humanity. I understand that not everyone is good at writing. I'm not. A lot of people aren't. Only like 0.000001% of writers make enough selling their books to actually live off of it. The internet is even worse in the fact that there are no editors or feedback system except those that are voluntary. But just as it's your choice to write, it's my choice to read.

Uhh, that's about it. -w- I like reading a wide variety of things, really.

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