Saturday, September 11, 2010

and all he said was and roses are red

Here's some WHIPLASH! character things for y'all. Both so I can work on my babies, and so I could get feedback. (that means comment. *stares hard at certain readers*) Let's do the ladies first!

Sara Grace Kellner.
Her left eye is blue, her right one is hazel. She has "honey" colored hair. I based her physical design off of the concept of a "prom queen". She's very pretty, hair in ringlets, great body, gracious attitude, etc. ...Except when she's not like that. Sara Grace can be catty (mostly to Nathan), rude, brutal, and calculating. She's smart and knows how to manipulate others. (Hey! Just like a prom queen, after all!)
Personality-wise, Sara Grace is a girl. She's insecure deep-down - but mostly about being female. She sees herself as a Tego first, then a woman. Unfortunately, this is hard to do when everyone and their mother knows you as the "girl Tego". As a result, she's become more and more withdrawn and dresses up less and less. Which is sad, because she probably really likes cute clothes. She tries to act like a tomboy. And when she's not trying, she's great at it; six years of training with a class full of men lets her interact with the rougher gender pretty easily. But when she IS trying, she fails. She hates being called weak, and doubly so if she thinks it's because she's female. She will not hesitate to show you that she can, in fact, kick your ass without breaking a sweat.
Her training was pretty routine. She uses a .45 as her gun of choice, and relies mostly on weapons. If pressed into a physical battle, she'll hit hard and fast and hope to disorient or incapacitate her opponent quickly.
Inven: Ann Iridos. Their relationship is sister-like.

Maria Delgado.
Maria is heavyset, but don't let that fool you. A lot of that is muscle. Muscle she will throw around. And what she can't do with her fists she'll do with her sharp tongue and quick wit. Or, you know, with a gun. Maria is laid-back, doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone other than those she cares about, curses like a sailor, and has a temper. She has black hair and black eyes, very characteristic of northern Lanne.
Maria is hard and caustic, but does surprisingly have a softer side. People aren't sure which side it is she presents to Jack Gallagher, but it's pretty well known that she's put him in the hospital a couple different times. She's best friends with Sara Grace and was friends with Talli Johnson as well. She can be one of the guys (case-in-point: she can outdrink most of them) and is just as comfortable as a girl. She's very comfortable in her skin and while she's heavier, she has no problem with this. She's more or less fit and what disadvantages she does have due to that, she made sure to balance out with other things.
Maria went into sniper training and generally uses a .22 rifle for that. She knows Kyymese and Lannish martial arts but prefers hard punches and kicks to the groin/stomach.
Inven: Natania Novak. She and Natania have a working relationship. They mostly use each other, but probably like each other deep down. Probably.

Lenore Coracks.
Lenore is tall. Like, oh my god, tall. Breaks six feet easy. She's self-conscious about this, but hides it well. She has long black hair and black eyes, but is only a quarter Lannish. (Dark hair is fairly common in Sovine, anyway.) Lenore prefers to wear yellow and lighter colors, mostly because with that much black hair, it's too easy to fall into gothic trends. So she's tall and willowy, with angular eyes and a small nose.
Lenore is motherly to a fault. No, seriously, it's one of her biggest faults. She would go after refugee children and was a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, this very often placed her in danger and her Tego was not fond of that habit of hers. This also attached her immediately to any children and, well, heaven forbid one should die on a mission. This has toned down since her last Tego died and other circumstances happened, but it's still very apparent in how she treats the younger Inven. She secretly wants to adopt Sonya and Emil.
Lenore had a year of physical training and can at least protect herself, and can usually wield a knife pretty well. She knows how to point and shoot a gun, but not much else. She's an Inven; she relies on her Tego for physical protection.
Tego: Thomas Sayre. She was in love with him, and he with her. I'm pretty sure they were basically married. Very cute couple. They were the best team and a favorite among the officers.
+Allen Pershing. They eventually get past the awkward stages, but Lenore still can't let go of her past. She doesn't want to get romantically involved, even though Allen seems all for it.

I think Sonya speaks for herself...

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