Thursday, September 23, 2010

it's disgusting how i love you god i hate this i could kill you

Dream sequence GO!

This is gonna be so amazing. Pretty sure it'll be the last one of the story, too. D: Well... TECHNICALLY not... >w> But that would be telling, so it's the last "dream" sequence. Terribly enough, y'all will figure out what I'm referring to later. And it'll break your hearts. (It's been hard to write.)

Anyway, there's so much foreshadowing in this it's hilarious. Not to mention SYMBOLISM! And I'll admit, some of it is symbolic for things NamNar doesn't even know. u_u But I couldn't resist. (Hints: Alicia & her feathers, Celia's appearance...)

Also I have something REALLY FUCKING EPIC planned. You have no idea. It will be the best thing ever, promise.

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