Saturday, September 25, 2010

trust me there's no need to fear everyone's here waiting for you to finally be one of us

NNGH. Porn is hard to write.

After spending the day being terribly, horribly inspired by some Pedestal things and a fuckton of Rook things, I brainstormed a lot with my wifey, and then we collapsed into discussing how hot/cute shota!Ram is. And how he needs to get laid. By the Rook. Don't ask. XD

But seriously, mini Ram. How cute would that be. We also decided Tuesday is the mommy to everyone but the Rook & Ram are her parents, haha. Paradoxes aside, IT MAKES SENSE. I also tweaked The Rook soundtrack so now it's more for the general series instead of just the first book. Basically I added Petite Cossette, a whole hell of a lot of Silent Hill, Disgusting for the lulz, and some Neuroticfish. And then took out some of the 'lighter' songs. It's a lot more mellow, creepy, and sad now. Less anger, haha.

I also left my notes for the other demons in my other notebook AT HOME FFFFFFFFFF. And of course I didn't put it on le internet. u_u My only hope is either somehow going home before November, doing the best I can with what I can remember (read: not a lot), or biting the bullet and having my boyfriend pick it up for me when he visits which would not only entail him reading my notes but GOING THROUGH THE NOTEBOOK. Going through several. Which have drawings in them. BAD DRAWINGS. The more I think about that option the more I think 'oh hell naw'.

Originally I was going to put the oneshot I wrote up on here, but then I realized there were spoilers. >: Sorry guys. MAYBE LATER WHEN THEY'RE NOT SPOILERS ANYMORE? :D?

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