Tuesday, September 07, 2010

only you can make me feel so true i'll never never be so blue as long as i have you

[kampfbee] says (10:26 PM):
I want to name one of the WHIPLASH! chapters "Beata Maria".
It's latin.
[kampfbee] says (10:27 PM):
It means "Forgive me, Maria", and Maria of course refers to the virgin Mary.
I know it's religious, but I like the phrase and the implication.
Plus I have a character named Maria.
I just can't decide which chapter it'd be for...
[kampfbee] says (10:29 PM):
I have this really clear scene in my head of Nathan and Allen coming back from a join mission and Allen bowing his head, his bangs would cover his eyes, and just ask Maria to forgive him. He'd be near tears, gritting his teeth, and telling her that Jack died. Maria and Jack are going to become a canon couple, so that would be sad. If I did do that, I want Maria to not only break down, but whereas
earlier she had sex with Jack and hoping she wasn't pregnant, after that, desperately hoping she WAS so she could have his bb.
Then again, I'm not sure I could handle killing Jack.
He's too cute to.
Plus Jack x Maria = cutest couple EVAR.
...though Sonya x Vai and Allen x Lenore probably top it at their high points.
[kampfbee] says (10:30 PM):
So the other option would be to kill Annie, Maria's sister-in-law. Which would be safer, but a bit harder to justify the impact, you know?
Or maybe...
Maybe Sara Grace could die. XD
Nathan would be like "YES".
[kampfbee] says (10:31 PM):
Because he actually does NOT have one of those "I hate her but I LURVE HER" relationships with her. He actually just hates her. There's no romance. XD Which is rare, especially for male - female relationships.
But Sara Grace actually did go out with Allen earlier in their training, so she and he are still on fairly civil terms.
[kampfbee] says (10:32 PM):
...And apparently that fact I was looking for I didn't put in. ._.
So I get to make it up! ...apparently.

I was looking for the fact of what is a Tego's pay, because I could not remember what I had set it as. But apparently, it was in an earlier draft and got deleted somewhere along the way. On the upside, I reread WHIPLASH!, corrected the one mistake I found, and refamiliarized myself with a couple of the subplots I had going on. (Samantha is a big one.)

I also want to find a way to put in what really happened to Jack and Emma during the attack somewhere. Because Jack's story was a lie. I just don't know how to do that. D: Jack and Emma are basically the only 'normal' Inven pair that gets any amount of screentime. Nathan & Sonya are CRAZAY, Allen & Lenore are quirky beyond reason, Maria & Natania regard each other grudgingly and as fodder, Luca & Emil are both male (very rare) and are very unsure of each other, et cetera.

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