Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i don't want you to change for all the hurt that you feel this world is just illusion always trying to change you

Two things this post shall hold:

One, this song will be mandatory listening during the last scenes of Pedestal. I'll give out the mp3 to anyone who wants it, so just drop me an email or something and I'll send it your way. BEAUTIFUL song.

Second, when I was holed up in the Denver airport (which I loathe) for four hours with literally nothing to do, eekun and I decided to make a story via text. I sorta want to delete them out of my outbox already, so here they are. XD

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sonya. She was a happy, friendly girl with loving friends and a natural charm that helped her through life.

But one day, she met a boy. But not just any boy, oh no. He immediately changed her life. No one knows [if] it was for the better, though.

His name was - well, that would be telling. He was a little quieter than she was, but no less spunky. His most defining feature, however and oddly enough, was his luck.

It was terrible. They met when he was running - from someone unknown, since he refused to tell - and he ran right into her. She may have overreacted and kicked him off with a bit too much force.

He received a bloody nose, but they bonded after she decided to feel sorry for him and helped him clean it up. She snuck him into her dorm... Or tried to.

Thankfully, it wasn't her caretaker, but instead their neighbor, Lenore [who caught them]. She sympathized with the children and got them safely to Sonya's room.

'Sonya,' Lenore asked, 'Is this another one of your ploys to get Nathan to like you?' Sonya only stared at her, unable to grasp what she was getting at.

Lenore calmly explained that some girls try to make boys jealous by hanging out with other boys. This made the unlucky boy nervous."

And that's as far as I got in the time allotted. XD NamNar (the unnamed boy, obviously) was going to think that Sonya was using him to get to Nathan, which was pretty much a lie. Nathan WAS going to get jealous, but not in the way that Sonya (hadn't) planned. And NamNar was running from Nick, so there'd be a whole showdown. It'd be epic.

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