Wednesday, October 27, 2010

why to people live in sorrow why do they have to live in fear for all the children of tomorrow we'll be stronger way is clear bring that beat back

Left my Rook notebook at home (again). Damn. The earliest possible chance I could get it is over veteran's day weekend, and that's IF I allow my family or boyfriend to root around in various notebooks to find out which one. Which I don't feel like doing. SO that means I don't get it until thanksgiving! XD

I've compiled all of the demons and their powers that I can remember/came up with recently on EverNote, which is an amazing program. Only being the idiot that I am, I downloaded it too early and subsequently, my free trial will run out on October 31st. Damn. I'll probably get another month's worth on my own and then try to con someone into getting me a year's worth, but it's a great program. *w* Me likey.

Just typing this made me recall a couple of demons though... Or just one. XD I'm pretty sure I've at least gotten the ones that are mentioned in The Rook and the new ones that'll appear in The Ram... PLANNING. THIS IS HOW YOU DON'T DO IT, GUYS.

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