Sunday, November 07, 2010

this is a gift it comes with a price who is the lamb and who is the knife?

So. Tuesday has been asked by her brand new therapist to keep an online journal. And because she's paranoid/obsessive about these things, she changes her password every time she logs in.

Her username is "aviscarmenae" which should translate loosely to "bird of song".

Her passwords have/will include:
"TheGunpowderTreasonAndPlot" from V for Vendetta
"communityIDENTITYstability" from Brave New World
"NightlockNightlockNightlock" from Mockingjay
"ALOHAMORA" from Harry Potter
"QuothTheRaven_nevermore" from The Raven

I also want something from:
+the Artemis Fowl series
+The Lovely Bones
+how i live now
+The Great Gatsby
+To Kill A Mockingbird
+The Scarlet Letter
+the Narnia series
+Where The Wild Things Are
+Les Miserables
+Message In A Bottle
+Good Omens
+WHIPLASH! & Pedestal, haha

Any more suggestions? Tuesday reads just about EVERYTHING but horror and gory stuff. She likes magical fantasy and romance, especially the star-crossed kind. "Intelligent" books are also on her list of loves. Even references to your own novels would be great! XD

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