Monday, December 27, 2010

careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it just might get it

Sooooo I got a new laptop!

This is awesome because, well, hey! New laptop! Major bad news because it has NO working word processor program. >: I'm trying to yoink my last one from my previous computer, Tachi the first (who went to my brother), but so far, no good. Good news is that I managed to get all of my pictures, photos, word documents, and music off. Which is good. XD I am NOT going to rebuild my music library. >> Like any good teenager, I have a huge one.

Speaking of which, I'm only a teenager for another twenty five minutes! :D As of the twenty-seventh, I will officially be twenty. XD I'm old now, damn. As such (and because of family and the whole not being able to type thing), probably no Pedestal update tomorrow... whoops. I had wanted to get that and a christmas one up, but life's like that. >:

(My new laptop is Tachi II.)

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