Wednesday, December 22, 2010

come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination

WEEEEELL. Got back home. Finished Assassin's Creed 1 and am waist-deep in 2. I love this series. Distraction!

As such, not a lot of writing. I'm not even sure I'll have a pedestal update for next week. No christmas thing, either, oh well.

Worst news of the year: NEW STORY IDEA AUGH.

"But cora, why is this bad news?" you all cry, I'm sure. The problem is that when this happens, stories get ditched. I think Pedestal's in the clear, but The Ram would be on the list of going down. WHIPLASH! too if I let this idea keep eating away at me. The problem is that I have no self-discipline whatsoever. I have never finished a novel prior to Dark Knight, and never finished an original completely-mine novel until The Rook. (note: these were both last year)

Uh it's late now I'm going to bed. More on this later.

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  1. Ugh that happens to me all the time! Except since I have so little time to write, stories get ditched after, like, the third chapter...or before they even start...hahah.