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furry walls turn out the light furry walls please stay the night

WARNING! Science content! This is an older post that I'm just now getting around to sprucing up and posting. Remember when I had a neat little entry about the ladies of the WHIPLASH!verse? Well...

Let's have the menfolk now! Who I secretly have a huge complex about because I shared chapter one of WHIPLASH! with my boyfriend and he critique'd my manspeek. I fail at the 'manly' man, I know. (But at least in Allen's case, it's purposely averted.)

Jack Gallagher.
Jack is tall and built with brown hair that likes to fall into his eyes and big dark brown eyes. He's terribly a dog. He's loyal, energetic, prone to puppy love, etc. Maria arguably sees him as a pet, too. He's very cheerful, and not a lot can get him down. And if it does, not for long. He can rebound from almost anything - which is crazy useful out in the field.
He was ranked fifth in their graduating class. Probably could've tried harder and gotten higher, but he a) didn't terribly care, b) was busy helping Allen not-fail, and c) had to go up against some crazy motherfuckers for those top spots. At some point, I imagine he just gave up and let Sara Grace and Nathan duke it out. Then put Luca and Zeren in between them for safety.
Jack is trained in how to use most handguns (well, in theory, they ARE pretty much the same anyway) and usually uses a .45 or a 9mm, depending on his mood. In fist fights, he hits hard, but usually remains defensive and lets his opponent come to him. He likes to think he waits for the opportunity to get under their guard, which may be true and he may go for it, but he often fumbles it. He can take a hit, though (and usually does). Probably one of the more composed men while injured, haha.
Inven: Emma Jagg. His is the opposite of Nathan & Sonya's - their relationship is about 25% brotherly and 75% fatherly. If pressed, he'd claim he sees her more as a sister, but that's a lie. He's enjoys playing the father figure far too much.

Luca Becker.
Luca is a tacit, tactful, reserved, emotionally constipated man. (I'm also congratulating myself on getting to utilize the phrase 'emotionally constipated'.) He has close-cropped hair that one color that is hard to describe. Not black, but dark; not brown, but almost gray, although he's in his twenties. You know what color I'm talking about. He has dark eyes that could be brown or black or maybe even blue. Luca is always wearing his dogtags, or at least people assume they're his. No one's ever worked up the courage to ask. He graduated third, but due to a mistake in the system, didn't get paired up with an Inven with the rest of his classmates.
Luca, like Nathan and unlike Jack and Allen, knows the value of a single well-aimed shot as opposed to three potshots. He can change between a handgun and a rifle comfortably, and in the couple months he had of very unexpected downtime, he started to learn the basics of knifework. Physically, he is built and muscular and knows how to fight. He, like Jack, relies on his opponents to come to him; unlike Jack, he uses openings well. He's ruthless and goes for weak points if it will win him the fight, but he only fights if it's a life or death situation.
Inven: He eventually gets paired with Emil (it's an open secret at this point). Luca unexpectedly develops a soft spot for the boy and it's hard to tell what exactly he sees their relationship as. It may be like a father and daughterson, or it may be like an owner and his pet... Either way, Emil very quickly gets him by the balls and keeps him. Very luckily for him, Emil is too sweet or possibly unknowing that he holds so much power over his Tego. (Very unluckily, Sonya has power over Emil and knows it. But that's another matter.)

Zeren Kaya.
Zeren hails from the land of Bauk to Sovine's direct south. In fact, he emigrated to Sovine just a couple days before leaping headfirst into the Tego exams. He didn't know a word of Sovinian and passed with flying colors. Three laws had to change after he entered into schooling. (First, 'you must speak our language'. Second, 'you have to have lived here for x amount of time to participate in the exams'. Third, 'goddamnit how could you have passed all of the tests without knowing what the hell you were doing - uh, we mean, you have to have lived here x amount of time to do anything government-related so gods help us, don't one-up us again, immigrants'.) Anyway! Zeren has soft bluish-gray hair, which a key minority in Bauk possess, and cold, steel gray eyes. He is a man of few words and doesn't like to speak in front of others. He's shy and reserved and has antisocial tendencies.
He graduated fourth in his class, and like Jack, probably could've done better but had had enough with the drama and Nathan and Sara Grace's escalating rivalry. He is skilled in weapons, but is possibly even more skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He fights in a Baukish style that he jealously guards and rarely shows off, although to his ultimate shame and annoyance, both his Inven and Allen Pershing have managed to pick up bits and pieces of it.
Inven: Genevieve Walter. Zeren isn't sure how to deal with her and does so very awkwardly at first. They soon come to a rather quiet decision on how to act, however; he treats her as an adult and they rarely talk about anything other than work. Probably the most srs bsns pair.

I'll chop it off here because the last one had just a couple characters, too. |D

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