Tuesday, December 14, 2010

she's like a star tonight without warning she gave up the ghost inside

I'd first and foremost like to thank the nice comments I've been receiving lately, especially from one Trisha. If blogspot has a nifty 'reply' feature, I'm missing it; I don't mean to ignore you! That said, I thoroughly enjoy comments on what I'm aware are usually just my half-coherent ramblings. :>

I thought I'd just leave some fun facts here about various characters and myself, haha. Because I can.

+I just found out tonight that "Kamala" also means "horrible" in finnish. If you've read Pedestal, this is hilarious.

+Also on names - I just now finished creating/naming all of the other Gym race trainers' teams. Some of the awesome names: Hansel, Gretel, Nolan, Hark, Asher, Litese, Samael, Noe, Reva, Ato, Vina, Taraka, Desmond, Miles (you see what I did there), and Susannah.

+Vaikuntha means "the savior".

+Lola and Lenore both means "sorrows".

+Nick means "victory of the people".

+I share a birthday with Hyuuga Hinata, one of my favorite characters from the series Naruto.

+I mentally call the nameless narrator 'NamNar' even though I know his name. I have a feeling this will persist for forever.

+I like to call Nathan 'Nate', although that's not his nickname and I don't like it for him.

+I seem to be very rough on my characters. Lenore has the most scars (by far) of all of my female characters, Sela is still missing a tooth from the riot, Alicia has broken ribs and a leg before, Sonya will probably end up getting shot/break some bones, Lola's had stitches and in fact has had that shoulder ripped open on three separate occasions, Sara Grace will break an arm, and Maria will probably get mauled by a bear or something. Tuesday also has some scarring around her wrist from tugging on her bracelet so much. She also has numerous scars from the Rook...

+For the menfolk: NamNar, a fourteen year old boy (at the time of writing; he started out in-story at ten and will end when he's fifteen) is the most scarred BY FAR of the male characters I own. Following at a distant second is probably one of the male Tego, possibly Thomas or Allen (Lenore, what do you do to those boys!). Nathan will get shot, Allen will have broken bones, Jack's already been in the hospital, and I'm sure SOMETHING will happen to Luca and Emil and Zeren.

+I myself have a couple interesting scars. My newest and most obvious is on my left elbow, from where I skinned it going down the super slide at the county fair this summer. BEST SCAR STORY EVER Y/Y (maturity what maturity)

+I'm not fluent in any language save English, but I'm sure as hell working on that avec francais. Though usually I just speak franglish.

+I'm also making up the language of Lanne (screw the others! SCREW THE OTHERS!) for WHIPLASH! and it sucks ass. It's based heavily on latin, french, spanish, and the basque dialect/language. I'm completely and utterly making it up as I go along.

I am now going to bed! *v*

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