Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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So I've decided, officially or unofficially, to work on rewriting the beginning of WHIPLASH!. I knew it would have to go under some serious revamping if I were to be serious about publishing it already. But I want to rewrite the first chapters before "starting over", I guess. Especially since its arrival in my life was years ago and there's so much time between the chapters.

Obviously, this would not happen overnight. Or soon. I'm definitely going to finish Pedestal first, and The Ram if I think I still stand a chance at making the summer deadline for the free proof copy.

But after that, in between the proofing things of The Ram and next year's NaNoWriMo, I'll have time. (Even more since my boyfriend will be deployed overseas... /cry) So I could start then.

Another thing I'm now wondering (although admittedly this is far more recent and far more unofficial) is if I should turn WHIPLASH! into a series. The overarching plot can handle it, although I'd have to work on some subplots and single-book-plots. I'm a long writer, so I'm quite familiar with going on and on. The only dangers are if I get bored of it (/cry again)...

On the upside, it means I could expand the universe a lot more. Which is always fun and I've poured a lot of effort into that already. (I'm currently working on nailing a culture for Bauk. It's going better than expected!) I could work on character relations and development (which I will not lie; these are my strengths). I wouldn't have to sprint through missions (which I've sort of been doing) and I could slow down the pace overall. (Not of the first few chapters, but yeah. Regardless.)

I don't know. Thoughts, anyone?

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