Friday, September 16, 2011

holy shit what are these numbers

Oh my god.

2600 reviews and 510000 hits.

Why is this a thing.

Explanation: Pedestal, my nearly completed wildly popular Pokemon fanfiction, recently hit the 2.6k review mark. And 510k views over all of its chapters. And that is only on

Now what I'm wondering is what the hell why can't my original fiction be this popular.

These are my white skitty, first world problems. Internet famous problems? Fanfiction writer problems? Me being stupid and ungrateful? (I am grateful. I'm just shocked. Very, very shocked, and very much in disbelief.)

In other news, I'm working on an actual blog post that isn't a silly short update-y one like this! I'm trying to be a little more helpful to my fellow writerlings, especially in a facet of writing that most writerlings don't think about: marketing and advertising! (Note: I'm writing it from the view of it being a published or soon-to-be published or eventually published piece, but most of the tips also work for works that are only on the internet! Such as fanfiction.)

Skitty, away~!

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