Thursday, September 01, 2011

More Site Updates

Redid the site layout! A little cleaner, and lots brighter now. :D Sorta miss the red, but blue is pretty too! I also went through the pages and tweaked them some more, taking out those old drawings, and I separated out The Rook as its own page and revamped the series page to be more general, as well as linking to the two pages themselves.

So for all those who don't follow my fanfiction (I don't blame you, but it can be hilariously cathartic to write at times, so no judging), I recently posted the last chapter of my longest running story ever. It still has an epilogue to go, but the last chapter. It was a long, LONG story, and definitely a crazy one at that. I definitely enjoyed writing it, and I'll miss it terribly. But all stories have to have an ending! It makes them better.

Anyway, onto the writing challenge of the day! (I think I'm gonna throw these out there whenever I can think of a decent one. They're silly and I doubt many people, if any, do them, but still! If I can get one or two more people out there and practicing writing, I'll squee.)

What organization, if any, would your character volunteer for? Red Cross? Humane Society? Doctors Without Borders? What does this say about them, and do you think they would be able to stick with it for long? Why would they quit? Would they EVER quit? Maybe you'll like this little quirk enough to make it an actual facet of your character's personality - or, on the reverse side, are they not the volunteering type? Too greedy, too busy, too indecisive? Write a drabble or oneshot about it and find out!

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