Sunday, December 11, 2011

End of NaNoWriMo

Hi guys! Sorry for the long wait between posts. November, as per usual, was pretty much utter hell. (And now I'm ankle-deep in finals week! Blah, college.) I did finish my 50k word count (hoorah!), but I didn't finish The Ram because I am an utter derp. I'm close, though. So close I could taste it. ...Well not quite that close, but I'm close! I think it's down to what, two plot points? Yeah, that sounds right. And one of them is fight-related! I can go through fight scenes in ten seconds flat, y'all.

I also got a new story idea! ...Which is a bad thing, actually, since I'm already struggling and failing to balance four fucking stories (The Ram, WHIPLASH!, Ree Majors' Wonderful Journey, and Engel der Wache). Engel der Wache is very much a background thing, and WHIPLASH! has been shoved waaaay back onto the backburner, but it's still not easy. I don't think very many authors can balance that many successfully. I sure can't. Advice: don't do that!

I've also decided to reopen my writer advice blog, but there's nothing there yet. I'm not sure what to make the first post about just yet, but I'll probably write it over winter break. Since, y'know, I'll have that silly thing called "free time" again. And I'll finish that marketing thing soon! Promise!

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