Saturday, June 12, 2010

come with me honey i'm your sweet sugar candy man

Here are some fun writing-related links for y'all if you don't already have them. (And I'm assuming the drabblematic link just below this will work and doesn't have to be included in this post.)

The Evil Overlord List. Lulzy and true. Some day, I'd like to write a story about the "bad guy" who sticks dangerously close to that list. (It's also fun to look at it and think of how many villains fail at it. *cough*nick*cough*)

The Phobia List. A list of phobias! Even some really, really crazy ones! Give your character a debilitating fear of anything! (For example: Lenore - ornithophobia. NamNar - hydrophobia. Sonya - Nathandoesn'tlikemephobia.)

And now for some naming and other generators:
+ Serendipity
+ Seventh Sanctum

And now for some translators:
+ Quick (but not perfect) romaji converter
+ A very handy little translator for many different languages (opens up on the french one)
+ Another translator

Keep in mind that many/all of online translators and dictionaries are very far from perfect (and can even lead to some hilarious and unfortunate mistakes). But it's handy for simple things or vocabulary. It's also super super handy for making words. :D Tego, Inven, and nivedidus were all frankenstein'd together using words from other languages (primarily latin).

Basically, the first two links are lulzy and mostly there for entertainment, though they can provide an interesting amount of insight into a character. I use generators all the time for inspiration and a quick name for anything from a city to a drink (I kid you not; Dreamer's Dread is still my favorite). Translators are also a key, especially if you're like me and are world-building. Because worlds need cultures. And cultures need languages. Damn those cultures. Though remember kids, always put your original spin on things. If you just shamelessly steal, bad things will happen.

Here are some bad things:
+ If you decide to be "cool" and just use a randomly translated word as a term, chances are it'll either be wrong in a hilarious or offensive way and a native speaker will call you out on it. Publicly. With shouting. In the correct foreign words.
+ If you decide to be "cool" and "borrow" names from generators, other stories, or again, a translator, chances are that'll be wrong, too. The owner will track you down and flay you. In a foreign language if you really messed up.
+ You will get the pants sued off of you. And then you'll have to live a shameful, pantsless life. Come on folks, no one wants to go through that (or have to see it).
+ These stories are supposed to be your own, your creation, your babies! You would not use someone else's arm to make your baby, now would you? No. No you wouldn't. So use your own goddamn genes to make your own goddamn baby. You'll be more proud of it in the end, too, I promise.

(Though, just as having a baby, the process of creating it - labor - is very painful and long. Just so you know. Or perhaps the world does not wish for authors to procreate and thus gives them this trial instead. Hmm.)

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