Friday, October 08, 2010

i've been here before a few times and i'm quite aware we're dying

So since I'll be in the state's only big city this weekend, I'm going to be going out shopping! Exciting, right, but you may be asking what this has to do with writing. Well!

Apparently, a new nanowrimo trend is to get an article of clothing/outfit for each of your main characters and to wear it when you feel inspired for them/want to feel inspired for them! This sounds terribly fun, so I decided I'm gonna give it a try. :D I have no idea how many characters I'm gonna get stuff for, but I plan at least three.

Tuesday = baggy sweater, I'm thinking dark blue or green or purple.
The Ram = turtleneck! Haha, no, seriously.
Stephen = hipster clothes! Probably some shirt (+maybe a scarf?) with some hipster-esque design on it. I sorta already have the glasses.

Optional characters, if I could find the right clothes for:

The Rook = I know his exact outfit, but somehow, I doubt I'll find it. If I could find some sort of maroon long-sleeved shirt, though, perhaps.
The Owl = a blue dress, which I highly doubt I'll find, much less buy. But hey! If I find it, I'll go for it.
The Mockingbird = Some sort of brown or black hoodie... I'm not entirely sure. But if I saw it, I'm sure I'd pick it up.

I may just do this for other characters, too. XD Just because it sounds really fun and it'd be like a giant inside joke with yourself and your characters. Nathan and Sonya would be hella fun, too... And I have wanted to make a Pedestal shirt or two... HMM.

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  1. Dressing up as your novel's characters sounds like a great idea and I think it is an excellent way to 'get inside' your character and create further inspiration for your writing. I'd love to do this too for my Nano but as its set in the 18th Century I don't think it's going to be possible. Good Luck for Nano 10 :-) x